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Tummy Fight – Microformats vs. Technorati

Next, I want to see Guy Kawasaki Posing with his new Technorati T-Shirt, c’mon guy, lets see that belly :-)

I’m Blogging This

File this under more geeky shirts. I bet this would seem passé in New York, maybe not in the rest of the country. Anyway, I like the irony of blogging the t-shirt that says i’m bloggin this, it’s so post modern.

More Friends Than Tom!

A T-Shirt for the myspace generation. Although with all the politicians getting onto myspace they could soon ruin it for the rest of us :-)

See Julia Brownley for Assembly and Phil Angelides for Governor. They need this shirt!

Nobody reads my blog t-shirt

nobody reads my blog

Great shirt from the haxorrs at j!nx As of this posting on sale for 12.95 so even you broke bloggers with no adsense revenue can afford it :-)