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200 Nipples Limited Edition T-Shirts from 1 to 100 dollars


This T-Shirt from 200 Nipples is called RIP RIAA which I’m sure is a sentiment that many of us can get behind, and it’s intereresting that as this T-Shirt rails against an old business model, is being sold using a rather novel business model. Essentially 200 Nipples sell individually numbered limited editions of a T-Shirt with each number being sold from between $1 for number 1 to $100 for number 100. Here’s a screenshot of the buying page, as you can see lots of the spots have been sold, and some have a countdown running, which means it’s in someones cart right now.

Picture 76

This is similar in many ways to the web phenomenon from a couple of years ago called where someone sold 1000 paintings each of an individual number painted on a white canvas. These were dynamically priced so the price of remaining canvases went up as more of the paintings sold. The remaining canvases are selling for around $700 and on a secondary market are selling for as much as $3000.

The Internet Was Closed Today – Threadless T-Shirt

Internet Closed 2

The Internet Is Closed and it’s a beautiful day in San Francisco today so get outside and stop reading the internets, we’ve all seen the Bill O’Reilly video and the kittens on the treadmill :-)

Internet Closed 1

Thanks Nick

messages like this make me happy

Got this message via twitter:
Teecycle_Tim: @karllong Dude, I keep getting traffic from your link. You’ve changed my world.

Wikipedia is Accurate (Citation needed) T-Shirt


I love this new shirt from Busted Tees, delicious irony.

David Lee Nagal – and Tcritic’s Birthday

david lee nagel

David Lee Nagel is a new t-shirt from the amazingly named Art in the age of Mechanical reproduction and is part of their spring/summer 2008 collection which you can see here. I should have one of these in the mail so i’ll update this when I get it with some close-ups etc.

On another topic May 7th is Tcritic’s 2nd birthday and I’d love to figure out something fun to do, any ideas feel free to add a comment here or drop me an email. The last couple of years have been so much fun and i’ve learned so much it’s been really incredible. I’ve tried my best over the last year to involve you guys as much as possible and I really appreciate it so much any time you make a comment or send me an email. I have to apologize that I can not reply to most of the emails I get but I do read them all.

Ironically the first post ever on Tcritic was Nobody Reads My Blog from Jinx

nobody reads my blog

Drupal Vader and RoboGames

drupal vader

Well I went out on friday for a happy hour co-hosted by hosting company (and awesome SF, art, culture and all round coolness blog) Laughing Squid (aka Scott Beale) and Robo Games organizer David Calkins. Scott (pictured below, sorry for the crappy picture) was sporting this awesome Darth Vader T-shirt and I discovered that it’s actually based on the Drupal logo and was just some schwag that the Raincity Studios team (a drupal based developer/community builder) put together for SXSW. I wish they would sell the damn thing, it’s awesome.

drupal logo


Some other really interesting bloggers at this event were Simone who authors SuicideBots about, you guessed it Robots; Ariel who writes ShakeWellBeforeUse on sex, advertising, and tech; Violet Blue who has a media empire built around sex, erotica and education; and video blogger and producer extaordinare of Eddie Codel.

BTW the next RoboGames is coming up in June and will be at Fort Mason in SF, take a look at some of the videos, looks like a blast:

Event Dates: Friday-Sunday, June 12-15, 2008
Time: Fri: Noon-7 pm (seven hours of fun!!! )
Sat: Noon-10 pm (ten hours of fun!!! )
Sun: Noon-7 pm (seven hours of fun!!! )
Where: Fort Mason Festival Pavilion, San Francisco, California

Kind of monster truck racing for nerds :-) You can buy tickets here, a nice touch is that active duty servicemen and their dependents get in free.

There is a secret word but you have to guess this time :-)

That’s What She Twittered T-shirt by Cottyn


Some people will get it, others will not, in either case it might be a conversation starter, especially if are getting twitter updates via text message.

One additional feature I would like is the addition of a twitter short code, or ability to add your own username to the shirt, rather like the Reactee idea I wrote about a while ago. How much cooler than exchanging phone numbers than “adding” each other to your respective twitter feeds.

you want to follow me? I’m on twitter here

Via Fimoculous who is also twittering here (where I heard about this Tee)

Portrait By Thomas Hawk – T-Shirt By Threadless

KarlKarl Hosted on Zooomr

The tshirt of course Funkilicious from Threadless

I had the pleasure yesterday to hang out with some very cool people yesterday, first at a Geek Dinner that included such folks as Robert Scoble, Hugh MacLeod, Mario Sundar, Jeremiah Owyang, Christopher Carfi. Then we went on to the birthday party of Kris Tate, who BTW was turning 19… did I mention he is the founder of a VC funded photo sharing site called Zooomr… pretty wild. Anyway, the photo was taken by Thomas Hawk who is the CEO of Zooomr, another cool guy, who I totally put my foot in my mouth with when he took the picture, I asked if he had a flickr account… ooops.

One other cool guy I met was Eddie Codel who is one of the video bloggers and producers behind Geek Entertainment TV and another video blog called Lunch Meet where they get together with geeks over lunch, he kindly offered to feature Tcritic in the future, i’ll keep you updated if I become internet famous.

internet famous

Some other pics from the evening:

Ben Metcalfe in his Digg T-shirt
ben metcalfe

and Meet Melisa in this off the shoulder modified threadless shirt, but i’m not sure which one
threadless shirt

Digg Me T-Shirt From NerdyShirts

Digg guy lg 1

Wow, I think Nerdyshirts have outdone themselves with this Digg Me T-shirt. For all the nerds in your life. Not the first digg shirt clearly, but a good one.

Digg m l

Hat Tip

Blog This – By CrackSmokingShirts

Blog This
Blog This from

Another t-shirt site with the requesite anchorman quotes etc. but they did have this gem which I have to send to my blogging friends :-)


Wikipedia-style tags


Which brings me to tonights word “wikiality

Gapingvoid T-shirts

Gapingvoid is a hugely popular blog written by Hugh Macleod, who’s quirky cartoons on business cards are vaguely reminiscent of Gary Larsons the “far side”. Lots of geeky in jokes to be had here, and it certainly fall into Zefranks definition of cool. You can find all his shirts here.



I Digg _______


Totally nerdy and i love it. Comes with it’s own marker pen so you can fill in what you digg, now that’s interactive!

Zefrank T-Shirts – I Love Gay Celberities

I love gay celbrities

Zefrank continues to think so you don’t have to, and his line of t-shirts are pretty sweet as well. The ultimate inside joke, but hey you may be a little late in the game, but at least you won’t get caught out when some one says “hey, did you see Zefrank the other day”. C’mon, remember how you were the last to know about the hamster dance, or the big red button, or strongbad emails, or nigerian email scams?

Karl – talking about t-shirts so you don’t have to.

Ask A Ninja T-shirt

AskANinja has now opened a so you can buy Ninja Goodies. If you havn’t seen “askaninja” yet you should check it out, and get the t-shirt, his podcasting bit is already legendary.