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DaVinci’s Mario T-Shirt

Love this new T-Shirt DaVinci’s Mario, such an amazing concept, a blend of the old and the modern.

Artist Kevin Tong draws a connection between two great Italians — the brave thinker and the daring plumber.

Shirts are 100-percent cotton American Apparel (guys’ style 2001) on Creme and are printed with soft-hand ink. (Girls shirts are available by special order.)

This 3-color design is oversized (11 inches x 16.5 inches) and is based on DaVinci’s Views of the Fetus in the Womb.

Weighted Companion Cube T-Shirts


If there was one empathetic relationship I had with a video game character last year it was with the Weighted Companion Cube in Valve’s amazing puzzle FPS Portal. If you have an xbox or pc I highly recommend getting the orange box if only to play portal :-)

A nice picture of the valve shirt from DeviantArt

cake is a lie
The cake is a lie from Jinx

cube hoodie
Companion Cube Hoodie from Etsy

Anyone else know of companion cube paraphernalia?

Another from Sebastian at Split Reason from the web comic Cntl+Alt+Delete web comic.
companion cube split reason

Derby Of The Damned yeah threadless


I’ve been following this t-shirt since the voting stage and had absolutly no doubt it would be made into a t-shirt, check it out Derby of the Damned FTW :-)

If you want some real Derby action check out BAD, the Bay Area Derby Girls a San Francisco all girls flat track derby league, these girls are hard core.

Bay Area Derby Girls Via thrillist

Amazing Astro Boy T-shirt

astro boy2

Just saw one of my co-workers, Dya, wearing this T-shirt and I had to stop him and take a couple of shots. As you look at the t-shirt at different angles the image changes to show all of Astro Boy’s inner workings. I’m afraid the only source I know of for this t-shirt is the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco where they have an exhibit called the Marvel of Manga. The exhibit focuses on Osamu Tezuka, the creator of Astro Boy and father of modern Anime and Manga. I ended up going to the exhibit and getting the shirt myself which was a hefty $60, I won’t be wearing it much as I’m not sure how the plastic psudo hologram will hold up to a tumble dryer :-(

astro boy1

Mickey The Pirate

Pirate 01

I wonder if the creators of this Mickey Mouse Pirate T-shirt “get” how many levels this works on. Anyone that has seen Lawrence Lessig, the famed copyright crusader, speak about Disney. Let me just quote the professor here:

The story goes like this: Walt Disney was a great creator in the tradition of great creativity: his creativity was to rip, mix, and burn popular culture. Even Mickey Mouse, who was born as Steamboat Willie (released in 1928), was a rip, mix, and burn take-off on Buster Keaton’s Steamboat Bill (released in 1928).

But I hadn’t realized just how true that was until I opened my very cool set of Disney “Treasures” – a special DVD release of the early Black and White Mickey Mouse films that Disney is now selling (comes in a cool tin case, with a serial number pressed into the tin). The DVD is a great collection of the early cartoons, with some “bonus” features including the script for Steamboat Willie. Here’s a screen shot of the first page of the script. Notice the direction from Walt: “Orchestra starts playing opening verses of ‘Steamboat Bill.’” Try doing a cartoon take-off of one of Disney, Inc.’s latest films with an opening that copies the music, and see how far your Walt Empire gets.

I highly recommend you go and watch Proffesor Lessig’s speech at oscon, it has been called one of the 10 best presentations ever.

Now I wonder what would happen if we took a creative commons approach to t-shirt design, would there be less pissing and moaning about rip off t-shirts if “attribution” was required? Sure I think some instances of companies coming in and ripping off designers is a horrible practice, but surely there is a happy medium between trying to control where designs show up, and the concept of inspiration with attribution?

Wow, I can’t believe BoingBoing posted this this afternoon, 8 hours after I posted it and I didn’t get a link back

That’s No Spoon T-Shirt – From

Thats no Spoon Large

That’s No Spoon, I love this shirt, anyone that reads this blog knows I love Star Wars (the original at least, I hate Jar Jar). This is such a brilliant pun (I think it’s a pun), kind of like the RTFM shirt. Anyway, I’m glad to find out about Lucky Threads, I had not heard of them before and someone just dropped me an email, thanks.

(it’s an affiliate link so tcritic can make a buck, proceeds going toward a t-shirt war redesign)

hiroshima T-Shirt

hiroshima T-Shirt
Originally uploaded by karllong.

This is a freaking sweet T-Shirt that my friend Scott had worn to to work. It’s a T-Shirt to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima, the cool thing is he bought it in Hiroshima. It’s a great design and has some really nice details on it which is why I got him to pose in it. Notice the cool Shinobi game we have in the office :-) You can play it online here if you want to reminisce about Ninja games. Anyway, this gets filed in the Best T-Shirt Ever category along with the other best T-shirts Ever :-)

hiroshima T-Shirt

hiroshima T-Shirt

(all pictures taken on a Nokia N80 :-)

NES 004 Controller: Exploded View – huzzah shirts

nes 004 was kind enough to send me this sweet shirt, of an exploded view of an NES 004 controller. So much nerdy goodness about this shirt, it’s wonderful, and of course gets added to the “best t-shirt ever” category. Sorry about the crap photo, if I get some more in more interesting surroundings, or with a girl wearing it I’ll post again, in the meantime here’s the closeup:

nes 004 closeup

Jesus Was A Streaker – Threadless T-Shirt

Jc Streaker 01

This shirt goes right in the “best t-shirt ever” this week, it is absolute t-shirt genius. This is probably one of the most famous streaking pictures ever, especially as the bobby used his helmet to cover the streakers privates. This shirt is almost so good it deserves it’s own category, brilliant.

Michael Obrien

Interestingly Michael O’Brien is credited with being the first streaker of our modern age, and in fact his 1974 streak was the first time the word streaker was used.

On a related note you might like the “top ten female streakers here

RTFM people


This is genius, I love this shirt, it is so clever. From, looks like their in europe, but the shipping is pretty reasonable and they seem to have their shit together.

On a related note the Communist Party Shirt I blogged about a while ago has been one of the most popular posts on the site, go revisit some classic tcritic :-)

BTW Kathy Sierrra has been writing some great stuff on her blog “creating passionate users” about how companies should approach creating manuals.



Anderson Cooper Gives Me A Boner T-Shirt

This goes into the “Best T-Shirt” ever category, why? Because April2 on flickr made this shirt her self, and then wore it to an Anderson Cooper book signing. Brilliant!

April2 meeting Anderson Cooper

love hate tee

Genius t-shirt from MadeInDesign online store. Go spend some Euros, you’ll love me for it…. or maybe you wont :-)

Love Hate Tee from Made In Design Store

Ahhhh, Imperial Walker got a Boo Boo

From a new company in Arizona called GoApeShirts and if you’re on myspace you can hook up there.

I just created a new category for this shirt: “best t-shirt ever”, until of course the next one comes along. I wonder if i will need a “worst t-shirt ever” category to kind of balance that, hmmm, maybe, send entries to karl.long [at]