Cake and Ciggarettes from Seibei

eat cake and smoke ciggarettes

Sometimes I find really cool shit on t-shirt war and this falls into that category. I love it, “I like to eat cake and smoke ciggarettes” t-shirt from Seibei. All of Seibei’s designs have a certain coolness which seems effortless and essentially ambivilent, they don’t care if you think it’s cool, it just is. Tough to pull off on a regular basis and yet Seibei does it. In a similar vein see “I like to say things and eat stuff“, why on earth that should work on a shirt I don’t know, but it does. There must be a term for that kind of non-sequitur, irony? sarcasm? Where’s a t-shirt academic when you need one :-)

4 Responses to “Cake and Ciggarettes from Seibei”

  1. Joe says:

    Nonchalant? I think part of what enables him to make designs that seem so ‘effortlessly’ cool is that some of them come from things that his friends have just said in casual conversation.

  2. lhea says:

    OH KARL! Damn you! I found this one at villians the other day and couldn’t wait to post on it. ooo! I have a better one…

    ps: i know you were thinking of me since i am the chimney fixture outside of tartine these days ;)

  3. Lhea says:

    i like to eat cigarettes and smoke cake

  4. Brendan says:

    oh, Seibei is pretty snazzy. Thanks for the heads up.

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