But This T-Shirt Goes To 11


If you are wearing this T-Shirt and an attractive girl laughs at it, or says something to the effect of that’s a great shirt, fucking marry her.

On sale at burnswell for $12 and possibly another 10% off with this code:BRNS_LONG

Full disclosure: They sent me 6 free shirts so I will continue to pimp these guys until someone sends me 7 free shirts :-)

3 Responses to “But This T-Shirt Goes To 11”

  1. peter says:

    Your link to their site includes the SID.. this screws with their basket technology, and effectively gives us your address upon checkout..

    instead of this:

    you should have had this:

    love the blog though..


  2. karl says:

    Doh! Thanks for the tip Peter, sorry about that, i’ll change it :-)

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