Bush’s Brains on sale for 10 bucks (the t-shirt of course)

Bushes Brain

$10 for the t-shirt of Bush’s Brains from the good folks at the chopshop actually seems like a great deal… if you paid $10 for the real Bush’s brain i’d say you’d been ripped off :-) Love the designs at the chopshop and the print quality is excellent, the shirts run a little bigger than american apparel so bare bear that in mind when your ordering.

(this is an affiliate link so tcritic can make a buck)

2 Responses to “Bush’s Brains on sale for 10 bucks (the t-shirt of course)”

  1. nick m says:

    you mean he actually has brains??! wow! could have fooled me. :)

  2. Pedant says:

    Usually I try not to be that guy, but … “bear that in mind when you’re ordering”, please.

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