Broken Image Link – Should Be a T-shirt

Broken Image Link 01

File this under Should be a T, a broken image link on a t-shirt would be killer, if you make a million from this I want a cut, or if your a printer that wants to do it I’ll market it here, let me know.

via and tip of the hat to the Mad Finn

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  1. Mike D says:

    I’ve seen it as a tattoo too. Seems a bit extreme but I guess if you’re a hardcore web designer…

  2. karl says:

    Cool find Myrien, although it’s a different kind of broken image, i’m not sure if one is explorer vs firefox, or if it’s a mac pc thing.

  3. Maureen Jann says:

    Great idea, FANTASTIC blog. I’m in love. Color me a reader.

  4. karl says:

    Awesome Maureen, thanks for stopping by :-)

  5. andrew... says:

    yeah that jinx shirt has been around for a while… its the older form of the broken image link, where did you see that pic at i sene it on

  6. I’ve seen the older icon shirt from Jinx that’s been pointed out a couple times.

    A version with the icon seen in the graffiti above would be cool too.

    We’ve currently got someone in Vancouver putting up posters of oversized light switches (3×3 grids of 81/2×11 paper).

  7. Kendra says:

    The webcomic Queen Of Wands has/used to have a broken image link shirt in its store.

  8. Adam says:

    I’m a printer, if you’re interested in this, or any other project. Would be happy to offer you wholesale prices or keep inventory while you market and do fulfillement. Contact me, let’s make an arrangement.

  9. CountD says:

    Here’s a clean white one that’s been around for years.
    Errorwear is one of the best compnerd shirt sites.

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