Broke Ass Stuart and Mission Indie Mart

Just some quick news from the Mission Indie Mart that was at 12 Galaxies on sunday, it was too nice a day for too much shopping so I did want to drop by and check it out, and then headed over to Delores Park. Overall there was a lot of cool stuff there, including t-shirts, bags, hats, jewelry etc. and it was a very laid back vibe. It was a hell warm day so I felt bad for the vendors that were upstairs and in the back

So I got to meet Broke Ass Stuart who has been writing a guide for getting around cheaply in SF for a couple of years, a long time SF friend of mine told me his zine started as a bunch of stapled pages. Now he’s published a book and is working on some guides for other city’s. Hmmm, methings Stuart is not going to be broke for much longer, help the brother out and buy a t-shirt.

broke ass t-shirt
The t-shirt

Broke Ass Book
The book

Other stuff:

Some animal prints from Animal Instincts Apparel Web site coming soon


Very cool mushroom t-shirt, all hand done by this guy at Coma and Cotton

coma and cotton

and I’m obligated to pimp this hat as well, because I bought one and actually got a little discount if I promised to blog about it :-) This is from Megan Grove who also does a bunch of hand painted designs on shirts, hats, ties etc. She sells all this stuff via Myspace right and you can pay through paypal. All the stuff is very unique and cool, and i’m not just saying that :-)


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