Brilliant Video From Spreadshirt Showing The End To End Process For A T-Shirt

Spreadshirt posted this video on their blog a couple of days ago, I came across it on the T-Shirt Island blog which goes to show how things like this spread.

Going beyond the general coolness factor of showing the end to end process that t-shirts go through at Spreadshirt and that in itself being a good advertisement, I think it did an amazing job of humanizing the company. This is critically important because both CafePress and Spreadshirt through making it so easy to create a custom t-shirt, did a great job of commoditizing their own businesses at the same time. Essentially they both looked like black boxes where you uploaded images and t-shirts came out the other end, so in the end it came down to price, and no one wants to be in a business where price is the only deciding factor. One company that managed to differentiate themselves in this regard was Goodstorm, by focusing on non-profits, and smaller more socially conscious companies Goodstorm already built a connection with customers that went beyond costs, and connected on the importance of their work together.

In the end there is no doubt that the concept of print on demand for t-shirts and the like is a really amazing thing, helping people get their ideas out there, my only hope is they continue working on the quality.

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  1. tom says:

    Well, price is one thing businesses can compete on — quality is another. Not only is spreadshirt’s interface better than CafePress’s, but the quality of the shirts I’ve gotten from SS is much, MUCH better than CP.

  2. karl says:

    Absolutely my point Tom, I think this video helps create a perception of quality for sure.

    I’m interested in how the spreadshirt quality was better? Better shirt? better print? can you elaborate…



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  4. Lhea says:

    This is like one of those Sesame Street shorts where they show you how mac&cheese is made.


  5. Lindsay says:

    Hi my name is Lindsay and I work for Spreadshirt – I write the Spreadshirt blog ( Thanks for posting our video.
    I wanted to answer Karl’s question about quality. Spreadshirt uses a printing process called plot printing ( In short, we cut the design out of a super high-quality material and it is heat sealed onto the shirt. The plot printing doesn’t fade in the wash and it will last longer than the shirt will. The plot printing also lets us offer a much large assortment of colors.
    I used to have a shop with CafePress for my blog but once I learned about Spreadshirt I quickly switched and the shirts are much better. I was so impressed with Spreadshirt that I now work for them.
    If anyone has any questions about the quality or anything about Spreadshirt feel free to email me lpa at

  6. Thanks for the tip about Spreadshirt! I have been using cafepress, but as soon as I checked out spreadshirt, I switched all my designs over there. The choice of different colors of shirts is one great appeal, and I can sell them for a little less than cafepress!
    My store is at and I love the new look!

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