Bored Ninjas T-Shirt – On Sale At

Ninja Bored 02

The guys at ShirtStain have a 2 for $20 sale for the holidays, I’ve been on a bit of a ninja kick recently so here’s another one, and these Ninja are bored (Is Ninja the plural of Ninja? or should it be Ninjas? clearly my grammar kung fu is weak).

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  1. Rog says:

    Nice shirt. Regarding pluralization, Japanese doesn’t really have plural morphemes like English, (with a few exceptions). So, ninja would be the plural. However, as a loanword into English, there really isn’t a problem with pluralizing it. All this being said, languages are alive and are meant to evolve, so don’t worry about the rules. They’re meant to be broken.

  2. karl says:

    Cool, thanks Rog. I’m not that worried about the rules except when it comes to Ninja :-)

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  4. Is it too late to be a Ninja today?…

    So I’m way behind the 8-ball on this meme, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.
    While not as cool as Talk Like A Pirate Day (Because we all know Pirates kick the asses of Ninjas. Fact.) Day of the Ninja is still cool.
    Here are some Ninja li…

  5. Ann says:

    Poor customer service. I e-mailed them a question two days ago and have yet to get a reply.


  6. karl says:

    That’s good feedback Ann, hopefully their reading this :-)


  7. Ann says:

    Yea, they never got back to me so I took my ninja business elsewhere. ;)


  8. Shirtstain says:

    hmmmm, I don’t have anyone by the name of Ann contacting me within the last few days. I’m terribly sorry that your question wasn’t answered. But I also have a blog that you can post questions on. Sometimes e-mails get lost in cyberspace, never to return. What was your question? Even though its too late, I’m always trying to get better at customer service, so maybe I can help the next person with the same problem. Please send to:


  9. derek says:

    Sean, that’s really good customer service. Things do happen sometimes.

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