Blanco Basura (White Trash) – MotoGP update

Blanco Basura

Well I’m back from Moto GP and I wanted to make a quick post tonight so I’ll be brief. The standout t-shirt/clothing story for me was Blanco Basura, a hyper ironic line of clothing for any race meet. Blanco Basura is spanish for white trash, which of course works on so many levels.

Anyway, if you’re a race fan or bike fan feel free to check out the rest of my pics from the weekend.


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  1. Paul Dawson says:

    Some nice pics from Laguna, loving the Ducati monster with an idetity crisis! Not such a good day for the local boys but a better day for the sunburnt country.

    If you’re interested, here’s some of my pics from Phillip Island in 2006…

    and 2005…

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  3. Elaine Means says:

    Can you tell me when you are coming to Las Vegas NV. I read it may be in January and I dont want to miss it.

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