Black Forest Series From Nooworks SF

Came across these super cool t’s from Nooworks the other night while I was out for a drink at a bar called the Attic in the Mission district of San Francisco. These are all designs by Jennifer the bar tender who had a bunch of them behind the bar. Basically she has had a bit of an obsession with the Black Forest area in Germany and most of her designs are inspired by that. The quality of these shirts and the screens are excellent, I forgot to ask who her printer was but will update when I find out. Apart from T-shirts she also has Lederhosen (seriously), halters, and hoodies (Andy).


dead bunny
Dead Bunny is one of my favs, I think my sister would dig it as well…

This is a new design that’s not on the site yet, but I like the originality of it

And here’s a closeup of the dead bunny graphic as it didn’t read well on the model photos:

dead bunnny

4 Responses to “Black Forest Series From Nooworks SF”

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

  2. Frax says:

    Anyone know of any people that design backpacks?

    Cos I’m really after a cool one, stand out a bit from other peeps.

  3. Lisa says:

    That last design (head on blue shirt) is ganked straight out of a clip-art book. not very original.

  4. Jenn says:

    just read the comment by Lisa about the clip art, it’s actually an original illustration by a tattoo artist named Diego Manino. The character was inspired by one of the actors in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Wish we knew about that clip art would’ve saved alot of time.

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