Bill Murray and Some Amazing Onesies

I had just heard that someone is doing some Bill Murray inspired stencil graffiti and it’s shown up in Reykjavic and Chicago, now not only would that make a great T-Shirt print it also inspired me to do a quick search for some Bill Murray T-shirts.

bill murray

bill murray 2

Which led me to discover this amazing line of clothing from a company called Reckon. These prints are so f’ing brilliant. Putting your kids in onesies like these will make you look like the coolest parent ever :-) All of their designs can be ordered in a wide array of colors and styles (although their site is very flaky at the the moment).

P 5190830
(Nina Simone and Bill Murray) You can buy the Bill Murrey shirt here as well at

(Audrey Hepburn)

(Clint Eastwood)

(Albert Camus)

(Goldie Hawn)

UPDATE: also spotted in Jacksonville

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6 Responses to “Bill Murray and Some Amazing Onesies”

  1. The Mad Finn says:

    That Clint Eastwood onesie is kick ass.

    I think I’m gonna have to start working on that baby boy now :)

  2. Sean says:

    I’ve got one of those shirts by Reckon, however I cancelled my first order after waiting several weeks and getting tired of their excuses. When I noticed they had one on sale a few months later I decided to give them another go. Right now I’m waiting for a couple of their cushion covers to arrive and I think it’s three months now… so be warned.

  3. karl says:

    Thanks for the information Sean, that’s a bummer. Looks like you’ll need to order the onsies for the boy now Mad Finn :-)

  4. Robert says:

    Geez, I didn’t know that. Our Spanish collegues made this Bill Murray shirt, we have already put in online in March. Funny coincidence though.

  5. Snow says:

    no lie we have those EXACT artworks of bill murray here in amarillo texas… i have been doing research all day to find out what its supposed to mean… a friend of mine said they were considered “zombie friendly zones” since their in business parts of town

  6. shwarm says:

    These are all over Vancouver, BC as well….thought they resembled Banksy, but didn’t think he was in our little area of the world

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