Best Defense Against Terrorism

I’ve always thought the best defense against terrorism was an informed, calm public, in fact an informed calm public is exactly what the terrorists don’t want, they want terror. Some governments actually perpetuate the terror as do media who follow the adage if it bleeds it leads. I think so far the US government and US media have done an abysmal job of keeping people informed or calm.

In 1939 the British Ministry of Information commissioned some posters to be made as essentially a little propaganda as war was breaking out, it may have been pretty light on information but it does convey something that is worth remembering, “keep calm and carry on”.

Keep Calm Original

And of course one person has made this into a t-shirt

Keep Calm and Carry on

I particularly like this blue one, but the brown with pink lettering is also very nice.

History of Keep Calm

11 Responses to “Best Defense Against Terrorism”

  1. [...] If I lived in London today, I’d buy one of these t-shirts. [...]

  2. Brendan says:

    Pretty reassuring, up there with “Don’t Panic” as a favorite phrase.

  3. Frank says:

    Any idea if anyone is carrying these shirts in the US?

  4. [...] I was totally going to leave the ‘Keep calm and carry on‘ tee alone since its been well covered, but as it has become apparent that I’m some kind of terrorism oracle, and with recent events in the UK all of a sudden I’ve become a bit smitten with this tee. Not quite enough to justify me actually paying for it, but still if I lived in an area where there was actually a chance of terrorism (this is as close as we got) I would love to walk around wearing this. [...]

  5. [...] I think I expressed my feelings about government fear mongering in my post about the “keep calm and carry on” t-shirt recently. This recent edition from Urban Medium is a little more in your face “a spoonful of fear“. [...]

  6. Ann says:

    Great shirt. Too bad that it equates to $50 in the U.S. (with shipping).


  7. Sam Jones says:

    Hey there! – you can buy the original Keep calm T’s that Yes No Maybe have been selling for 2 years already from!
    The shipping to the USA is FREE (in fact, worldwide shipping is free!) and what’s more, use the discount code ‘reward’ and you will get a 20% discount.
    Only buy the original and the best!

  8. [...] Keep Calm and Carry on T-shirt was wildly talked about from both myself and BoingBoing based on the poster on Neatorama wrote [...]

  9. culturalelite says:

    There's an interesting story behind these t-shirts, and especially given the statement on the last image. The couple that own one of Britain's largest 2nd hand bookstores in the north of England are the one's who first came across the poster and started to print it.

    The guy who owns is well aware of this as Barterbooks is where he first acquired the poster. Admittedly the guy saw the potential in the iconic imagery and new how to capitalise on it… and of course the poster is copyright free and in the public domain, but still it's his lack of recognition of the discoverer's of the poster that annoys me.

    If anyone wants to purchase one some 'Keep Calm and Carry On' stuff I suggest you do it from the the true home of the poster.. Barter Books, Alnwick, Northumberland.

  10. [...] Keep Calm and Carry on T-shirt was wildly talked about from both myself and BoingBoing based on the poster on Neatorama wrote [...]

  11. nosebetter says:

    That site is not only terrible to navigate around, but their products are waaay overpriced. I wouldn’t recommend this website.

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