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Bazooka 1

Bazooka is a really great design by a graphic artist named Theresa who runs It’s actually another design that reminds me of Flowers In The Attic from threadless, which is one of my favorite designs ever. The juxtaposition of beautiful things like butterflies being discharged from the business end of a soldiers weapon seems to be universally recognized symbol.

Anyway, she’s actually got quite a few interesting designs on her site and it’s worth checking out

Tip of the hat Westdot

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  1. Westdot says:

    Thanks for the tip of the hat…we tip our hat right back at you for the credit. Keep up the good work :)

  2. Theresa has some great designs. This t-shirt is a great design by her too.

  3. Heidi688 says:

    The design you speak of from threadless is by Banksy, a graffiti artist. If this is not from him it’s a ripoff of his work.

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