Bario Bikes Project

I just heard about this worthy project on Indieagogo that provides a community workshop for kids to learn how to fix bikes and also earn their way to getting a new bike. This kind of community project is very valuable and a great example that lots of communities could replicate. As with Kickstarter they offer various incentives to people to help fund their project including the T-Shirt above, you can also buy bikes, sticker packs and other goodies. Check out the video, it’s a great story.

27 Responses to “Bario Bikes Project”

  1. James Sumner says:

    Be inspired :) Good luck with the event.

  2. Great initiative to give kids skills + bikes!

  3. cool t shirt says:

    very good. keep up the good work.

  4. digital inks says:

    Very inspiring and creative post. You have done really excellent job.Thanks a lot for sharing !!

  5. Erica Lyons says:

    We have a indiegogo campaign running now where we are looking for some designs and pledges if your interested.

  6. very good initiative. Keep up this wonderfull work!

  7. Fashion-hot says:

    That shirt is so good!!i want one

  8. chicco says:

    I’d love to have your opinion on these t-shirts (italian style). 
    Thanks to all the Dude and have a nice t-shirt.

  9. VogueSky says:

    I want a T-shirt like that!

  10. LuxurySky says:

        Love those T-shirt! They really suit you!

  11. TopFashion says:

    This outfit is perfect! The detail and cut of the shirt is so beautiful…gorgeous

  12. This project is more than meaningful. We should help people as much as we could.

  13. Lux Fashion says:

    Adoring the shirt!  It is really nice.

  14. That shirt is so
    simple but beautiful!!I like it.

  15. the shirt is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Type Fashion says:

    Like it!!!!So nice so cool!!!!!

  17. Ayisha says:

    The shirts color and design is awesome. Looking so beautiful shirt. Thanks a lot for sharing !!

  18. Sexy T-shirts, love to wear one on this summer vacation

  19. bids that give says:

    All are funny T shirt , My favourite was on the back of a bomb disposal expert’s t shirt.

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  21. visalus ambassador says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing ….You have done really excellent job.

  22. visalus ambassador says:

    That shirt is so good! Really good idea for a t-shirt line, I like it nice work!

  23. ADT Home Security says:

    Awesome! You should tell people about these shirts on facebook.

  24. Beautiful looking shirt…The shirts color and design is awesome.

  25. visalus ambassador says:

    Awesome…. Looking so beautiful shirt. Thanks a lot for sharing !!

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