Bar Treking Star Trek Parody T-Shirt from Go Ape Shirts

Bar Treking is a great visual Star Trek parody, it’s the new bar crawl :-)

10 Responses to “Bar Treking Star Trek Parody T-Shirt from Go Ape Shirts”

  1. TrishaLyn says:

    Totally awesome, I have trekkie friends that will love that!

  2. [...] Gotta love this Star Trek parody courtesy of Go Ape Shirts. [thanks TCritic] [...]

  3. Anon says:

    You'll die first. It's red!

  4. karllong says:

    Frack! you're right, this is suicide :-)

  5. you uncovered a real gem with this one. Go Apes just made me an instant fan with the coolest Star Trek t shirt I have ever seen.
    Great find.

  6. MiNGLED says:

    Yes, never go drinking with a red shirt, it'll only end in tears.

  7. Why does it look like the bottle in scottys hand should be upside down and broken?

  8. Chris says:

    how do you buy it?

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