Bailout This Package – by Print Liberation

Bailout This Package from the guys who brought us the excelent Under New Management T-Shirt, great job.

9 Responses to “Bailout This Package – by Print Liberation”

  1. Janie says:

    That a funny shirt but I rather the auto bail happen than the bank bailout!

  2. Max says:

    Should be stimulate this package

  3. karllong says:

    LOL, good one Max :)

  4. That is hysterical.

  5. Print Liberation has got us amazing thing, did not about this BAILOUT THIS PACKAGE but yes it seems to be great too..
    Thanks for sharing.. I am glad I discovered this.

  6. Very funny – thanks for sharing this – needed a laugh with all this bad news.

  7. Again – it’s AGAIN with the bank bailouts! Now Greece is talking about negotiating more favourable terms and so Ireland wants to get in on the act too. This is all for the benefit of the banks – when do the authorities do anything for the benefit for we the people?

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