Bac’n T-Shirts

A new site dedicated to Bacon and all that may imply :) Get your Bac’n T-Shirts here.

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8 Responses to “Bac’n T-Shirts”

  1. HalfEmpty says:

    The only thing that can make bacon better is sprinkling bacon bits on it.

  2. crackbaby says:

    But bacon bits are just soy…

    The only thing that can make bacon better is raw cholesterol.

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  4. Janice says:

    Nice. Bacon shirts for the ladies look savvy yet chic. A nice choice for day to day streetwear.

  5. all i have to say is a very cool shirt that is.who will resist if it is given by any of my suitors,so to all of my suitors,paging! all you have to do is give me a gift of bacon shirt and you will surely has a place in my heart.

  6. streetwear says:

    so cool,very lady like and no boyish look.a shirt that will look you stand out to others.

  7. Juna D says:

    I love bacon. This is great. I hope they come up with more designs.
    Reminds me of this tumblr I found.

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