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San Francisco based Headlineshirts is having a back to school sale and all shirts are $8 or $18. I have several of these shirts and they are super soft, printed with water based inks so they are like part of the fabric.

This shirt is not kidding, prison really is a US institution with about 1% of the population currently behind bars, yep, 1 in 100 Americans are behind bars. I guess the we can be proud that we are beating China on this metric. All yours for $8 :)

space monkey
Space monkeys smoking cigarettes, ’nuff said. $18

political mind
The political mind T-shirt demonstrates that most wonks have a large portion of their brain dedicated to bullshit, on sale for $8.

6 Responses to “Back To School Sale From HeadlineShirts”

  1. DefunkteOne says:

    The bullsh*ttal lobe tee is hilarious!

  2. Tiranga says:

    It’s a good piece of work. Something new!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. yanmos says:

    really cool, thanks!

  4. Jake says:

    I bought something from Headline Shirts 2-3 months ago and was shipped the wrong shirt. I contacted them via email and the response was both slow and unprofessional. After multiple emails from me they finally emailed me a shipping label so I printed that out, packed the shirt up, drove it to the post office, then waited. And waited, and waited… I emailed them again a week later and was told that they were holding my shirt until the shirt they sent me was returned. They fucked up my order, then basically held my shirt hostage until I fixed their mistake! They have some cool shirts but HORRIBLE customer service. Luckily for me there are about a hundred other places on the web to buy cool shirts, I don’t need another headache from Headline Shirts. I’ll pass on these and anything else Headline Shirts sells.

  5. Chris says:

    Hi Jake,

    I am the owner of Headline Shirts. First, thank you for the compliment that you like our shirts. It means a lot. Our business is entirely based on making tees that people love. Without that we can’t survive. Secondly, however, I am really saddened that you did not receive perfect customer service. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. If we made a mistake we strive to fix it immediately including resending the shirt ASAP via a priority mail service (either USPS or UPS). If there was a delay, or you had to wait to return an incorrect shirt then we absolutely did not do our job. Please contact me directly or Karl at this blog (if you’d prefer to be anonymous) and I will do whatever it takes to make you a satisfied customer. That is our number 1 goal.

    Chris – Founder,

  6. It’s nice to see blank t shirts being turned into funny works of art. It’s also nice to see the owner of the company, that’s providing them, monitoring the threads.

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