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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninite T-Shirt is of course inspired by the storm in a teacup that has been created in Boston due to some severe overreactions by the powers at be. Essentially a marketing company put up some battery operated “lite brites” on various landmarks (in several cities), LED graffiti if you like as a marketing campaign for the new Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. Well these were up for several weeks, until finally someone in the MTA noticed them and called in a bomb threat. Chaos ensues. Two words folks, Adult Swim.

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Basically, get serious Boston, lighten the fuck up :-)

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  1. Joey says:

    Without the huge over-reaction, this never would have hit the critical mass needed to make this a t-shirt-worthy event. Now they’re getting follow-on marketing from third parties. Thus a little marketing stunt becomes a *huge* marketing stunt.
    Oh, and I totally dig this shirt.

  2. karl says:

    You’re totally right Joey, it is the overreaction that is making this minor marketing stunt into a culturally interesting happening. It is a paradox for me, as I love it when underground things take off in such a viral way, but i’m sickened by the overreaction. I’m mainly mad because it is a symptom of the fearmongering that this administration has been participating in. I’m just blown away that the Boston police put these guys in jail, led them away in handcuffs because of this.

  3. Joe says:

    Yeah, they did get thrown in jail, which obviously wasn’t necessary… but I bet they’ll land some sweet gigs now, because of the whole thing!

  4. Teh Wallabee says:

    That is some angry little atari monster

  5. Paul says:

    I live in Boston and we have every reason to be wary of unrecognized electronic devices placed without notice on our infrastructure. You’ll recall that two of the planes from 9/11 left from Logan Airport. Thus, when someone sees an object with wires and batteries (which is exactly what a bomb might look like) placed on a bridge he or she is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT to notify the police. And the police are absolutety correct to treat these objects as bombs until they learn otherwise. If only airport security had questioned the box cutters carried by the 9/11 terrorists.

    Folks, these advertising objects were NOT inert, innocent, benign or any other word you want to attach to them. And ALL of this could have been averted if only the advertiser had notified the city about its campaign.

    Jeer all you want. I don’t expect any reasonable discussion or reply in this forum. From what I’ve read here I doubt any of you are mentally equipped to comment on this ignorant advertising campaign.

  6. Karl says:

    I lived in Boston for 4 years and I was there on 9/11 so I distinctly remember the shock and realization that those flights had originated from Logan. Not only that as I was working as a consultant at the time and flying regularly it was conceivable for family members of mine in the UK to think I might have been flying out. Anyway, i don’t think it excuses Boston, I feel the blame lies at the feet of the administration. I grew up in the UK and terrorism was a reality in the UK for about 20 years, the one thing that I think they did right in the UK was take the attitude that the best defense against terrorism is an informed public, not a terrorized public. Believe me there were lots of bomb scares in London and sometimes peoples luggage got blown up by bomb squads but nothing in comparison with this blame game and media circus that the Boston Police and political establishment is taking part in right now.

    I still love Boston though, some of my best friends are from there :-)

  7. true freedom says:

    Wow paul, you mindless, gutless piece of suck. It’s people like you that are turning this country into a fascist regime. Your fear of irrational shit is bush’s bread and butter. he has succeeded into scaring you of anything and everything the government deems as a “threat”. FUCK BOSTON. that’s right. don’t give in to this train of thought. the rest of the country thinks you’re a bunch of fucking mongoloids, why deny it? admit that you are the dumbest pieces of shit on this planet, apologize to cartoon network and get on with your shitty little lives. oh, and once again, FFFUUUUCCCKKK BOSTON.

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  9. Paul says:

    Karl – my original comment was specifically in reference to your phrase “severe overreactions” which I felt was unfounded and lacked objective interpretation of the facts. To those of us who did not recognize the characters, a flatboard with wires and batteries attached to our infrastructure is indeed noteworthy. That is exactly what the advertiser expected. They wanted to create curiosity and interest. However, this was poorly executed – the advertisers can not control how that curiosity and interest manifests itself in the public. So one legitimate reaction is to ignore the object, another is to recognize it and steal it as some folks did, and another is to notify the police about an unrecognizable electronic object attached to bridges and buildings. Whereas I suspect that none of you are trained bomb squad members none of you are qualified to judge their actions. When a bomb squad confronts an unidentified object they frequently blow it up. It prevents anyone from being injured. And a series of unidentified electronic onjects spread around the city’s infrastructure? Very suspicious indeed.

    Oh, true freedom, I didn’t expect any intelligent discourse here. Gutless? Um, yeah, ok,not sure where you get that impression. A fear of irrational shit? Yeah, I’m sure you know exactly what a bomb looks like because you’ve watched the A-team. Mongoloid? Is that an insult? I’ve been to Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar in particular, lived in Bayangol for awhile) and I’m not sure being a “mongoloid” is bad. Next time use a thesaurus.

    Of course, I have no need to defend Boston. The city’s been around since 1630 and we’ve had some good times. You’ll recall the American Revolution?

    Anyway, this isn’t a forum to discuss politics or the media so I won’t say much more. Karl- keep up the good work regarding the t-shirts. But unfounded and inflammatory comments will always receive negative comment.

    Again, if only someone had questioned those box cutters on 9/11.

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