Another Dick in a Box from T-shirt Hell

Fallwell in a box

File this under “oh no they dian’t”, a new Dick in a Box t-shirt from the aptly named t-shirt hell.

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  1. Andy says:

    Since I don’t really know what Falwell looks like (he’s not exactly a celeb in the UK), my first assumption was that the guy in the coffin was a poorly drawn Dick Cheney.

    Seriously though, how many people would want to buy this? I’m not digging at you, Karl, its a pretty clever tee, but I just can’t imagine a social situation where I’d feel appropriate wearing it…

  2. karl says:

    I can imagine that this does not translate over the pond at all, Jerry Falwell is famous for saying thins like the reason New Orleans got flooded was gods punishment for the lifestyle there. Or that september 11th happened because there are so many gays in NY… I’m paraphrasing, but as you can imagine he was a polarizing figure. As for the appropriatness of the t-shirt, you should take a look at the rest of t-shirt hell’s selection, they are not for the faint of heart :-)

  3. nick m says:

    t-shirt hell is a category unto itself. irreverent, controversial and in yer face. the stuff always provokes and are always worth a look. but it takes gumption by the bucket loads to wear some of them at least. in the bigger picture, they make the world of t-shirts a little more interesting.

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