Announcing T-Shirt War [beta]

tshirt war

Here’s a screenshot from tshirtwar, all you would do is click on the t-shirt you like the best and then you see how many times your shirt has won or lost:
tshirt war

If you liked kittenwar your going to love t-shirtwar :-) I’m pleased to announce T-Shirt War Beta where you can upload your t-shirt pics and have them pitted against one another.

You can go here to upload your photo’s into the tshirtwar database and get into the mix, and please send me feedback, this is beta, its a bit of fun, so let me know how I could make it better. Right now jpegs work better than gifs as the server resizing plugin doesn’t’ do gigs justice right now. BTW if your selling the shirt there is a place to put pricing and a link to the t-shirt homepage.

(there maybe a slight delay in photo’s showing up as i’m moderating them at first)

Have fun,


3 Responses to “Announcing T-Shirt War [beta]”

  1. Jasonda says:

    Fun at first.. But then I got Booyah vs. Booyah 3 times in a row and gave up. Eh.

  2. karl says:

    Thanks, yeah, i need more shirts up there for sure. I will be adding more over time, and hopefully some other folks will upload them as well.



  3. karl says:

    Also it looks like the Booya shirt was repeated in there, usually shirts should not compete against itself unless it’s duplicated.



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