Announcing Digg For Tshirts –

Well it looks like the cats out of the bag, I did a bit of a stealth launch over the last week, but I’d like to announce Digg for T-Shirts is here :-)

Also feel free to digg this story about digg for t-shirts at digg

There are plenty of t-shirts in there to explore and people are adding more every day so check it out, sign up and add and vote for shirts, and feel free to give feedback, i’d love to hear the good and the bad, it’s only been up since sunday and is already getting 500 unique visitors a day!

Couple of important little features here, i’ve actually got a way to share ad revenue with users using google adsense, so if you become a top contributer you can actually share in the ad revenue. When you sign up for an account that lets you add t-shirts your profile has a field in it for your google adsense id and any time t-shirts you have added are viewed you get the ad revenue. Another feature for you bloggers out there is I can set you up with an automatic submission to tdigger using an rss import, basically it will check your rss every day and add any new t-shirts or stories to tdigger, I can also associate those posts with your ID so you can also take advantage of the ad share.

Also I’ve added a little widget to the sidebar that links to the latest published t-shirts.

T-shirt Island is already talking about it :-)



6 Responses to “Announcing Digg For Tshirts –”

  1. Rangga - tshirt island says:

    yeah I’m a cat hunter =p but woww.. so many features inside, I like the automatic submission, sweetness!!

  2. Rangga - tshirt island says:

    Okay I’ve registered but how the automatic submission??

  3. karl says:

    that’s something I have to set up, i’ll email you.

  4. I’m interested in setting up the auto submit as well, could you shoot me an email when you get a chance?

    Also, are you making all those customizations within pligg? If so, it’s an even cooler CMS than I thought.

  5. Rangga - tshirt island says:

    Thanks Karl, can’t wait your email ;)

  6. Adam Brown says:

    Would it be possible to make it so the RSS feeds actually include the images in the posts? It’s a pain to click on every post to see if it’s interesting.


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