Anger – In T-Shirt Form from Mule Design

Buy the shirt here, $20

Mule Design is another Design Agency that has turned it’s talents to T-Shirt design and has come up with the excellent Anger T-shirt demonstrating how it really is the Swiss Army Knife of emotions. Mike, the mad genius behind Mule Design posted the design to Flickr which got posted to Laughingsquid and then BoingBoing and has descended into a hysterical thread on Flickr containing a healthy dose of inside jokes and image macros that Laughingsquid also highlighted in a another post. You can also follow Mike on twitter @Mike_FTW.

3 Responses to “Anger – In T-Shirt Form from Mule Design”

  1. JaleebCaru says:

    I would totally buy this, but it would be admitting to my family that I realize I have a problem and that's the first step in guaranteeing my wife wins any perspective custody case.

  2. Dekonstruct says:

    Haha I unfortunately relate… and at the end you're still screwed.

  3. Bob says:

    Nice idea and very well carried out. Simple and clean.

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