An Excuse to talk about The Giant Peach

I met Karen Dere who is behind The Giant Peach earlier in the year at Threadshow, and as the next one is coming up (on December 16th) I thought it would be cool to post a couple of tee’s from there. I’m not sure how to explain Giant Peach, but there a retailer of sorts focused on hip-hop music and what i’ll call “street wear”, although a lot of the stuff just falls into the cool category. Here are a couple of my fav’s.

tokidoki sushi

s is for stanley


They carry a hell of a lot of different brands including Upper Playground, Akomplice, Beautiful Decay, Imaginary Foundation, Kid Robot, Juxtapoz (the magazine), Obey, Tank Theory, Loyal Army, and if you’ve got a clothing line you can even submit your designs to them for consideration :-)

3 Responses to “An Excuse to talk about The Giant Peach”

  1. Heelcandy says:

    I love the Tokidoke Adios and Ciao Ciao long t-shirt. What can I say I’m a sucker for cute little toys on t-shirts. =),

  2. Magic says:

    That JAWS-themed t-shirt is totally hot! Dude, by the way I am looking for your mailing address. I need to send you a Christmas card, because you rock and all that.

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