Ampersand T-Shirts in a Variety of Fonts

If you like typographic t-shirts then you will probably get a kick out of, a typographic shop that just sells ampersands hand screened on T-shirts in a selection of cool fonts. They have fonts like Franklin Gothic, Arial, Baskerville, Palatino and quite a few more. Clever idea and if you hold with the theory that niche products often do well on the web I think this will do quite well.

8 Responses to “Ampersand T-Shirts in a Variety of Fonts”

  1. AlexFSnet says:

    I really debating whether these ampersand shirts are totally awesome… or just plain dumb. Should I get one… or not? Can't make the decision!!

  2. Wizeguyztees says:

    The only cool thing about these to me is the fact that they are hand screen printed.

  3. jos says:

    I highly recommend you do NOT order one of these t-shirts from this seller. In my case the t-shirt did not arrive. At first they were apologetic and claimed they would ship another one, however when I reported that neither first or “second” t-shirt arrived, they stopped responding to my emails altogether. I’m now having to chase down a refund via my credit card company, what a waste of time!

  4. karl says:

    Hi Jos, so sorry to hear that, I hate it when people I write about don’t come through :(

  5. Luke Price says:


    Sorry to hear you got stung by these cowboys. Shame really because I think they might have had a half decent product for a certain type of geek :(

  6. Do you agree that young people with dark Gothic clothes are really following an ideology? Or do they imitate each other?

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