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I wore a nice little combination on Sunday of the America, Everyone Hates Us Now T-shirt from HeadlineShirts and Glarkware’s I heart Irony hoodie. It was a great combination because everyone would see the shirt and say “well, that’s not really true now is it” and then I would pull back the top of the hoodie to reveal that I really did heart the irony of it. I see lots of fashion advice around what colors and styles go together, but not enough about what jokes go together, consider this the first lesson in humor couture.

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  1. CCwriter says:

    I have long wanted an I [heart] irony shirt inthe I [heart] NY font. My friend tried to create one for me on Cafe Press but it was pulled down for copyright enfringement.

  2. I love the t shirt, I just checked out the headline shirts website and was impressed with all the designs they have. I had never heard of them before.
    Very cool post.

  3. Humour is very important. America needs an image change?! Maybe Obama will bring it in!

  4. anon says:

    Q: does this blog ever update?

  5. karllong says:

    I usually post on a daily basis but I was on vacation in mexico for a friends wedding with no internet access, now i'm busy at work, and my mum is coming into town, I'll update soon :-) in the meantime get the RSS feed and you will automatically get updates

  6. Gabriel. says:

    Perhaps I'm dense… I don't see the irony in a hoodie that says “I love irony”…

    Maybe it's ironic that it's not ironic, when clearly it *should* be.

    Or maybe I'm just trying too hard.

  7. Ben Flyguy says:

    Zerg Tees has some really funny tees they always have new designs every time I check in on them. Had a couple off them and they are great prints!

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