Amazingly Cool, Functional, Interactive T-Shirts from Shikisai

These t-shirts from Shikisai are so much fun, they have real interactive elements that make the designs come alive, like a venetian blind shirt that hikes up when you pull the cord, or real laces on the sneaker designs. They have some brilliant designs for the little ones as well in their Toddlers section.


I just found out you can buy the shirts online here at Zakka Corp.

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  1. bo says:

    those are some amazing tees!

  2. Jonathan says:

    That is amazing — I would totally get one if they carried them in XL (the Zakka site appears to carry M & L only)

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  4. [...] This week on T-Shirt Tuesday, we’re introducing some truly different t-shirts.  Shikisai Alternative T-shirts add a new dimension to the graphic tee by incorporating functional, interactive elements.  That sneaker tee on the left has laces you can actually tie, untie.  The mini-blinds shirt on the right can be pulled up by the attached cord.  The Shikisai Alternative line includes 10 t-shirts, each with some sort of added dimension on their graphics.  A faucet graphic features sewn satin waves like water flowing along the shirt.  A bathtub stop hangs from a real chain.  While these Japanese shirts are tough to come by, they can be found online at Zakka Corp, a Brooklyn-based streetwear retailer.  [via tcritic] [...]

  5. git says:

    They’re technically interesting. But I don’t know, the layout is kinda weird to me, esp. the blinds. It’s just so flat. I’m cool with flat, but I can’t shake the weird feeling this gives me. Maybe if there was a different color combination, or a texture gradient perhaps?Oh, maybe it’s that the composition screams “Hey! I got a bunch of blinds on my shirt. Cool right?” Surely it’s something I’d wear once, maybe twice. But that’s it. Otherwise I’d become “the guy with the blinds that actually work on his shirt.” Know what I mean?

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  7. Awesome designs! thanks for the heads up! you rock! just bookmarked you, will surely be visiting again.

  8. Miranda says:

    These tees are just plain awesome. I totally dig how the blinds tee actually pulls up its great! Keep making basic tees even cooler- good job!
    Also check out this cool site they've got some sweet tees too!

  9. Bianca says:

    these t-shirts are fantastic! i like how you can add a little individuality to it by making it interactive. genius!

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