Amazing T-Shirt Video – Do You Know Where To Buy All These Shirts?

This video is an amazing montage of different T-Shirts in the Justice – D.A.N.C.E Video, the origin of which I’m not entirely clear on. Thanks to Christoph for letting me know about this, my only mission right now is to find out where all the t-shirts can be purchased, if you guys recognize any please post a link in the comments, much good karma will be sent your way :-)

(I had originally embedded a youtube video but replaced with this much better daily motion version recommended by t-shirt island)

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  1. MonsieurLâm says:

    The t-shirts’ brand is Revolver tshirt if I’m right and the artistic director is So-Me, famous for his work on typos and fonts…

  2. karl says:

    You rock MonsieurLam, i will check it out, i’ve already found a couple of Revolver brand shirts on some retail sites and they are very cool, trying to find the source though, the mother ship :-)

  3. Steve says:

    That’s a killer song and superb video too, alas none of the t-shirts were ours but I’m sure I’ve seen a couple of them. Will let you know.

  4. kurt says:

    ok i saw the KidAmerica’s Perfecto T-shirt in that video . it’s available here

    And this Ed Banger x Milkcrate tee

  5. kurt says:

    opps ..sorry .forgot the link for the Ed Banger x Milkcrate tee

  6. [...] [edit]: ich hab das video mal durch ne bessere version ausgetauscht. ausserdem weil ja t-shirt content an tcritic weitergereicht. dort kann man in den kommentaren sogar erfahren wo es das eine oder andere stück aus dem video kaufen kann. [...]

  7. nikko says:

    could someone please post a link to one of these revolver shirts, i cannot seem to find them

  8. Nik says:

    For the revolver shirts

  9. Wez says:

    so-me is a woman

  10. Beamish says:

    they are starting to sell alot of the video tshirts here

  11. karl says:

    Thanks for that Beamish, yeah I checked them out a little while ago but they are totally sold out :-( I’m keeping my eye out though.


  12. Beamish says:

    yeah i know :( plus i cant afford them if they were in stock…*sigh* they are like 65$ per 2 pack.

  13. Beamish says:

    sorry for double post, but they are in stock at

  14. karl says:

    Damn you Beamish, I just spent $200 on t-shirts :-) No really, thanks for posting, cheers.

  15. Beamish says:

    No Prob. :D now i need to save up to buy them :(

  16. [...] and you might recognize this t-shirt from the justice dance video [...]

  17. TrueDis says:

    Anyone find the one from the very beginning that just says DANCE?

  18. Gustav says:

    TrueDis, I am looking for he same one, really cool. Or the one that says “Mister E”, also very cool.

  19. Harald says:

    Does anyone know where to find this shirt for sale, I’ve been having a hard time finding it anywhere online.

    the shirt is being worn by the girl on the left. It actually has been sold at some point, as it is the official shirt for this fringe political group in the Midwest.

    I appreciate it!

  20. TrueDis says:

    I created the design I mentioned on Zazzle and I think it turned out pretty well. Check it out:

  21. [...] Records. Many of the So Me/Revolver t-shirts were made extremely famous from the video from the club hit DANCE. These are being sold through [...]

  22. Jaclyn says:

    Here is a link to another one of the shirts from It’s pretty damn cool.

  23. mike says:

    Great post! I’ll have to try that. Let me know if you ever expand on your code

  24. the kid says:

    hey, thanks for the post kurt…is the online ordering site legit?

  25. jade@onemoredisco says:

    who the fuck said So-Me is a woman!? what a penis

  26. [...] but I realise that there a lot more of the tees from that vid can be found on these Daily Tee and Tcritic [...]

  27. Ben says:

    Actually, there seems to be a bunch of designs up on, maybe 15 or so from the video. Just type in justice dance into the search.

  28. Matt Fletcher says:

    They are all custom made by the music record label, Ed Banger.
    French label who have the artist/music maker ao me who creates alot of there t-shirts.

    best bet would be to contact them direct

  29. Gennet C. says:

    did you ever contact Ed Banger? I too would love all of those cool tshirts :D

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