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Just saw one of my co-workers, Dya, wearing this T-shirt and I had to stop him and take a couple of shots. As you look at the t-shirt at different angles the image changes to show all of Astro Boy’s inner workings. I’m afraid the only source I know of for this t-shirt is the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco where they have an exhibit called the Marvel of Manga. The exhibit focuses on Osamu Tezuka, the creator of Astro Boy and father of modern Anime and Manga. I ended up going to the exhibit and getting the shirt myself which was a hefty $60, I won’t be wearing it much as I’m not sure how the plastic psudo hologram will hold up to a tumble dryer :-(

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  1. spankinloner says:

    anybody have a technique down to washing these bad boys? I just purchased one, on ebay and for anyone looking, and i recommend look now cuz I’ve been searching for one of these for months now and just now finally found one on ebay. I would like to get the most out of it and not have the image fade or crinkle or warp anyway. I know hand-washing would be the best way, but damn that is a pain in the arse!
    Thanks in advance.

  2. karl says:

    I’ve just washed it and dried it flat, the only thing you have to avoid at all costs is the tumble dryer, that will totally destroy it on the hot cycle. Oh, and cold cycle on the wash as well and you’ll be fine.

  3. spankinloner says:

    Thanks much Karl!

  4. Jack says:

    I was wondering where I could get one these T-shirt’s in Canada

  5. Michael says:

    Hi Guys

    I am french but I am in Japan, I can tell you that you can find this T shirt for 5000 Yens around in some stores, One in Asakusa and some others in Akihabara. They exist in S, M, L, XL in Red, Black and White…

    Good Luck

  6. Manny says:

    Where online can I order this T-shirt? Been looking for one for like ever and still cannot find a place to buy in Canada or online.


  7. JT says:

    I’ve managed to get hold of a couple and I can confirm that they are difficult and expensive to get hold of. The other 2 I’ll be putting on If I get a good response then I’ll try and get some more.

  8. kaye says:

    @ Manny, you can get this t-shirt in toronto, like on queen st. in one of the stores near get outside. they come in black and white and they are super cool but really expensive :s

  9. barbaritat says:

    Estoy buscando cómo comprar esta camiseta desde hace mucho tiempo. Pero ni en internet ni aquí en Bcn la encuentro. Sabéis cómo puedo conseguirla?

  10. ANDRE says:


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