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Just saw one of my co-workers, Dya, wearing this T-shirt and I had to stop him and take a couple of shots. As you look at the t-shirt at different angles the image changes to show all of Astro Boy’s inner workings. I’m afraid the only source I know of for this t-shirt is the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco where they have an exhibit called the Marvel of Manga. The exhibit focuses on Osamu Tezuka, the creator of Astro Boy and father of modern Anime and Manga. I ended up going to the exhibit and getting the shirt myself which was a hefty $60, I won’t be wearing it much as I’m not sure how the plastic psudo hologram will hold up to a tumble dryer :-(

astro boy1

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  1. James says:

    Thats awesome.

    Wish i could get one of these in the UK.

  2. Rangga says:

    is it like hologram T-shirr?

  3. karl says:

    sort of like a hologram, it’s actually more like those plastic two frame animation cards that used to come out of cerial boxes on occasions, one’s where you would tilt the card and the picture changes.

  4. mr.fresh says:

    That. Is. AMAZING.

  5. dottie says:

    my brother had this shirt back in the day, his was royal blue. i used to steal it from his suitcase when he’d visit us. it’s one of the best.

  6. T*Fodder says:

    This is a great shirt. I have been trying to find somewhere that sells these online but no luck as yet. It’s a damn shame!

    Well spotted Karl, nicely done.

  7. grom says:

    You can get these in the UK – I got mine (a white version of this) from Octopus in Leeds about 5 years ago. No website for the shop but details here
    they have more shops around the country.
    I bought another one that was a variation of this (the hologram bit was smaller and there was no writing) for my daughter about a year ago and they still have a few of those design in but they’re all way too small for me (I assume that they’re girl tees).
    After 5 years mine still looks good – the only issue with the hologram is that you have to dry them flat or it creases and dries with a bent bit in the middle!
    I’ve found them online in the past but normally from Japanese sites but bear in mind that the original Japanese version isn’t called Astro boy but Tetsuwan Atomu (Mighty Atom) and was created by Osamu Tezuka – that should help you find them online
    Sorry for the length but thought the info was worth it.

  8. Philip Shade says:

    If it’s what I’m thinking it is, it’s a lenticular image.

  9. karl says:

    Very cool, yes I think you’re right Philip, I remember them from growing up :-)

    @grom thanks for the detailed write up, very good points, especially about searching on his Japaniese moniker.

  10. anthony says:

    I can buy that very tee shirt by the dozen at a shop very near me. Not $60 either, more like 40

  11. Vicoria says:

    Meh, saw these ridiculously priced t-shirts during junior year of high school. They can be found on Grand Street near Chinatown (heading towards Soho) in New York City. Just look towads your left and you’ll see a hole-in-the-wall Japanese store. Forgot the name.

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  13. numlok says:

    I believe they are also available at Villains (on Haight St.) in SF… at least I saw one there a month or so ago.

  14. PANDE10 says:


  15. medisin says:

    I bought that T-shirt in Japan 3 years ago, now I need a replacement. It’s fine to put it in the washing machine but I learnt the hard way that it doesn’t like the tumble dryer. I melted him, it was tragic.

    Anyone who can get these t-shirts easily should put them on Ebay to sell in the UK, loads of people are after them!

  16. RONALD says:

    it’s great
    i love it

  17. Alex says:

    Asakusa in tokyo has them in the small vendor street… look around :-) (40$)

  18. Anna says:

    When I was in Japan two summers ago the astro boy t-shirts were in almost every souvenir shop in a variety of colors, ranging from children to adult sizes…

  19. karl says:

    It’s a great shirt, i ended up buying one, but I never wear it, except for very special occasions :-)

  20. trent says:

    I just bought one in Toronto Canada for $70CA. DONT PUT IT IN A TUBLE DRYER. Hello its plastic.

    They come in White, Royal blue in S & M , and Black and Red in Large and XL. stupidly they’ve done the sizing like that.

    The new Atom BOy movie is out next year so find these now if you can!


  21. Sue says:

    Trent – where did you purchase this in Toronto? I’d like to pick one up. Thanks.

  22. rhaj says:

    yow. that right there!!!!! that is tight!

  23. BusbyTest says:

    Where can I buy that cool T-shirt????

  24. Busby SEO says:

    cool T-shirt, you look great use that shirt.

  25. Busby SEO says:

    U look nice with that shirt…

  26. Thus you spent $60 for the t-shirt?

  27. LA Toy Store says:

    wow nice T-Shirt. love this anime and I'm actually waiting for its 3D animated movie.

  28. Bob says:

    Just came across the site. Re your comment (Sep 4 2007) about tumble drying the shirt – DON'T!!! Have had the white version of this shirt for 8 years or more. Bought in movie paraphernalia shop in Sydney (Australia) for about $50. Not worn much, still looks good (wish I could say the same for self!). Printing and applique in good nick. Lovingly hand washed and dried only. Still get positive comments about the shirt when worn. A favourite piece.

  29. renantech says:

    Nice and very creative t shirt

  30. PO says:

    Hey Bob, where is the shop in Sydney ?

  31. alejandro says:

    hi. where can I get a shirt because of these

  32. ohh yeahhhh Astroboy is the best!

  33. Free Ebooks says:

    Woow! it can change color?

  34. Schmack says:

    Wow. I like the shirt. And the science and fiction thing. It looks like astroboy glows. Nice colors.

  35. HELENA says:



  36. Nice shirt, yeah you should take care of it and not wash it in washing machine otherwise you might ruin it. Better way is to hand wash to keep it clean.

  37. ToToMiNa says:

    I would want to know where I can find this t-shirt, or store or page Web, thanks for the information

  38. antonio martos says:

    hola elena:
    yo tb la estoy buscando. ¿has encontrado algo?

  39. Caroline says:

    I bought one in Carnaby Street London about 5 years ago, but spoilt it though washing in a machine – too hot, I think it should be hand washed, the shop I bought it from is no longer there!
    It is available on this Japanese website, but only to Japan, so if you know someone in japan you could get one:

    let me know if anyone gets one, i really want a replacement for mine as I loved it!

  40. Caroline says:

    You can buy the patch on ebay for around £5.00, it is only 4 inches high, so it is a lot smaller, and is iron on, but is a hologram the same as the above T shirt, so you could make your own T Shirt, not as good as the one above, but okay,
    go to the following link:-

    I hope this is of help,

  41. antonio says:

    no hay manera. online no la encuentro, y el enlace en japones no me sirve.
    gracias por intentarlo caroline.-

  42. Billishirts says:

    Wow. That is awesome. I must have that shirt lol

  43. GM says:

    I have this T-shirt,
    I got it in Toronto, in a cool clothing rave sort of store
    c 1999, store is long gone. I cost me near $100 Canadian then !!!
    I have the royal blue version.
    The Engrish text is amazing, both front and back, and
    describes several Astro Boy body functions;

    ie : EARS
    if he push his two ears button
    his heaving power can become
    1,000 times.

    I presume it will resurface for the new movie;
    if only from the storage trunk.


  44. sara says:

    man i saw a whole bunch of these shirts on queens street in toronto and i wanted one so bad i regret not buying one.

  45. anymonous says:

    if you are interested to purchase, u can check out
    this web :

    selling at SGD$35

  46. cristian says:

    esta camisa me encanta! si alguien supiera donde conseguirla que me lo diga porfavor a mi e-mail

  47. Xoan-Carlos says:

    I bought one of these in London’s Soho back in 1995 and it’s still pretty new (have only worn it a few times)

  48. Nievo Jan says:

    Maybe it feels cool wearing of these t-shirts.

  49. jason fox says:

    What a cool t-shirt. I love the concept. I remember a friend of mine was given one by an Eccentric English fashion designer after complementing the man on the t-shirt he was wearing. He pulled out the astro boy t-shirt and said this is a gift for your kind words! How cool is that! I am looking for the guy. It turns out he is Ego the founder of the underground designer label Egotist Couture who sell t-shirts in the most sporadic way selling online sometimes on the streets in small exclusive boutiques! He is a big fan of Astro boy and has all things Astro despite creating some of the coolest t-shirts himself. Give me Astro boy and Egotist t-shirts!

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