All Tied Up from Full Bleed

Fullb Alltied 01

I love Full Bleed t-shirts, the All Tied Up t-shirt is another great example of Full Bleeds designerly approach. This particular shirt contains so many metaphors it’s a feast for the mind as well as the eyes.

Interestingly i’ve always had a hard time navigating the Full Bleed web site and finding all the t-shirts together as they release shirts as a series, kind of like the collection concept that some sites use. Anyway, I found the best way to see all their shirts is by looking at their Merchline store here.

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  1. Fiona Long says:

    I LOVE this design! You’re right about all the metaphors. it seems to embody a lot of what I’m looking at in my art at the moment. If you’re stuck for Christmas present ideas……………..

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