All My Friends Are Dead T-Shirt – By Big Stone Head

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All My Friends Are Dead seems to be an ongoing theme for the folks at big stone head. You should check out the little mini book they have as well for $4 which outlines a lot of “all my friends are dead” scenarios. I particularly like the child-like design that this t-shirt has, that’s often tough to pull off, but this works. From a design and printing standpoint the green on grey works very well, and the quality of the screen-print is excellent.

4 Responses to “All My Friends Are Dead T-Shirt – By Big Stone Head”

  1. Jon says:

    I think I prefer the T-Rex with scoliosis version. But both are awesome.

  2. J-Money says:

    I think it’s perfect. Whoever made that is probably hot.

  3. karl says:

    I’m sure they are J :-)

  4. [...] Birthday present from my mom. If you can’t read it, it says, “All my friends are dead”. It’s funny because it’s a dinosaur. I found it on TCritic. Even more awesome is the kitten explosion t-shirt. I’m not sure it gets any awesomer than a mushroom cloud of kittens. I’m not sure which site I saw kitten explosion on, but if it wasn’t TCritic, it was Hide Your Arms. It could have been Preshrunk, except he stopped posting again. In any event, the shirts are cool. I wish I could still wear t-shirts to work, but they frown on that at the new job. [...]

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