Alicia Silverstone’s T-shirt Fugly?


So Jessica at Go Fug Yourself is asking this question about Alicia Silverstone’s T-shirt:

So just tell me already, is Alicia Silverstone’s tee shirt AWESOME in an “Take Back the Chico’s Kind of Day” kind of way, or embarrassing in a “Honey, You’re Not Avant-Garde Enough to Make This Work” kind of way?

My personal opinion is this shirt is kind of stuck in the middle between brilliantly retro awful of some of the t’s from Napoleon Dynamite and just fucking wal-mart horrible.

4 Responses to “Alicia Silverstone’s T-shirt Fugly?”

  1. Keith says:

    Seems like she tried for a Flight of the Conchords look. And didn’t quite achieve it.

  2. Troy says:

    My first girlfriend had that design on a white shirt, back in about ’87. I’m assuming this one has the same plastic rhinestones with too much glue squeezed out all over. We were 5 at the time, so it was kinda cool, especially with enough Lisa Frank stickers.

  3. karl says:

    Yeah, I could see this in 87 Troy, and Keith, I think your dead on with the Flight of the Conchords attempt :-)

  4. Larus says:

    Why is this blogger hating on this tee? Just because it’s on some celebrity? Walmart? I design tees for Walmart and believe me they would never touch anything even that close to cool. Stop wasting time dissing other peoples work, get out a pencil and paper and design something better. Peace.

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