A T-Shirt For anyone that got a wii for christmas

Wii Shirt Large 01

For all those folks lucky enough to get a wii this Christmas here’s an aptly, although a little broadly named the Tii Shirt. Looks like it’s from a new company called See Colon Slash, although thankfully it’s printed on nice American Apparel (although what isn’t these days), and as it’s in preorder right now they must be doing some decent printing. Kind of like the unofficial t-shirt of WiiHaveAProblem.com.

tip of the hat to Gizmodo.jp (don’t ask me how)

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  2. It’s kinda not-the official shirt for the site.

  3. karl says:

    changed it to “kind of like the unofficial” – feel free to send me a link to the official one if you do ever print one :-)


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  5. alex says:

    its ok…the ‘I LOVE MY WIINER’ tee is much funnier with the same Wii topic….

  6. Jay@duds says:

    Hope there won’t be any legal issues for the designers here, I think the design is tops!

  7. Geurtr says:

    http://www.wiishirt.com more fun tiishirts there.

  8. Paul Baines says:

    Hey if you think that’s a good Wii t-shirt come and check out mine (this so owns any other Wii tee as you will find out!)

  9. iPod says:

    That looks like a cool t-shirt!

  10. Janelle Larocque says:


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    Thank you,

    Janelle Larocque

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