A New Hope Poster – Should Be A T-shirt

ROTFL, sign me up, this looks like hope to me. Brilliant parody from the geniuses behind Ironic Sans, and yes I would buy that T-shirt in a heartbeat. The only reason it is not a T-Shirt right now is the guys behind the design are not sure of what Lucus Films position would be on the use of this image, what do you think? Fair use?

Thanks to Laughing Squid for pointing this one out.

5 Responses to “A New Hope Poster – Should Be A T-shirt”

  1. franko says:

    i love it and would buy both the poster and the sticker in a heartbeat, but lucasfilm would squash him like a mynok if he tried it, i'm sad to say.

  2. Mad Finn says:


    If we start an online petition petitioning George Lucas to allow printing this shirt, would it work? :)

  3. derek says:

    agreed…i would also buy both. fantastic work!

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