A New Hope – Obama/Star Wars Spoof Now Available as a T-Shirt

I wrote about A New Hope the poster from Ironic Sans a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that it was not a T-Shirt yet due to fears of Lucas Film retribution, well I’m happy to tell you that they are now being sold through Zazzle and with Lucus Film blessing :-)

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  1. Jaime says:


  2. chrispian says:

    Ok, now that's cool.

  3. franko says:

    WITH lucasfilm's blessing? why, that's the most amazing thing i've heard all day so far. what kind of cut did they demand, i wonder?

  4. Unbelievable! We tried a website for Star Wars fans to submit their own star wars t shirt designs through an online contest where their designs were voted on and then printed up by us. 1 design each month would be printed. Only 12 designs per year. The moment our site went live, the news was everywhere. Within 2 hours, we got an email from Lucas Films to take it down or else. We received our very first cease and desist letter about 4 days later. It's framed up in my office. Even Steve Sansweet, in charge of merchandising, who we sorta know, loved the idea but of course couldn't approve it without Star Wars getting heavily involved and approving all shirts. So, am I Jealous? YES!!!

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