A Fellow Blogger Needs Some Help

A marketer blogger acquaintance of mine Todd has just had some really tough news about his sister Tricia pictured below, he has written a heartfelt blog post asking for support and help here:


This is my sister, Tricia. Last Thursday, March 20, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer called invasive lobular carcinoma. With absolutely no history of cancer in our family, this came as a huge shock.

Yesterday, we learned that the cancer is in both breasts, so Tricia will have a bilateral mastectomy on Saturday – 36 hours from now – to surgically remove both. It’s a seven-hour operation that will be followed with a comprehensive and overwhelming menu of treatments – chemo, hormone therapy, radiation, etc.

He has set up a web site to help support her here which includes a blog for her to talk about the process and experience and some fund raising options as well to help cover the enormous medical expenses that can be associated with this, which of course includes a T-Shirt (I probably would have written about this without the T-Shirt).


I lost two friends and co-workers over Christmas, one to Leukemia and one to lung cancer and every time I hear about stuff like this it becomes more personal and I guess I’m becoming more empathetic as I get older.

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  1. Todd And says:

    Thanks for the support! We appreciate it!

  2. Micky Mays says:

    my prayers go out to Tricia.

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