38 t-shirt links I got while I was away, what’s your favorite

So I got way more email than I can cope with while I was away so I thought i’d just post all the links and let you tell me what you liked :-) Let me know what your favorite is in the comments and I will send a long a gift certificate to the most popular 3.

  1. Portal T-Shirt From Valve from Jeremy Wang
  2. Retro Campaigns from Christine at Retro Campaigns
  3. Dotted Line T-shirt company
  4. Artcotic t-shirts
  5. Diamond Hawk Graphics
  6. Lbow Sports
  7. http://www.designsupremo.com/ from Ruslan Tuganov
  8. http://www.makimaki.nl/ from Ruslan Tuganov
  9. http://www.industrial-organic.net/ from Ruslan Tuganov
  10. http://www.amtrea.com/ from Ruslan Tuganov
  11. http://www.graniph.com/ from Ruslan Tuganov
  12. http://www.defect.cz/ from Ruslan Tuganov
  13. http://notafashion.com/ from Ruslan Tuganov
  14. http://carlogiovani.com/t-shirts/ from Ruslan Tuganov
  15. Monkey Fist Brands from Monkey Fist
  16. Red Lotus Clothing from Red Lotus
  17. ContrastShop from Kenny Contrast Shop (please stop emailing me :-)
  18. Pyknic Clothing from Stephen Thompson
  19. LolCamisetas
  20. Beautiful Decay I know you’ve seen them before but always worth checking out
  21. Black Tooth from and by carey haider
  22. Vicious Ink and Irons
  23. Mini Cassette Tees Some New designs
  24. Controlled Chaos T-shirt at DBH from Jeff Sheldon
  25. Monster FX
  26. A.L.I.E.N clothing
  27. Papagaio hand printed t-shirts
  28. Dirt Box Clothing from Gemma Correll
  29. Ciara Elend block printed t-shirts and accessories and their blog from Ciara Elend
  30. Gnome.in design competition
  31. Monkee Do fighting child obesity by promoting activities for kids by “doing”
  32. Ask Meta Filter “it’s a T-shirt thing”
  33. New stuff from Public Domain Clothing
  34. Stupid Devil t-shirts
  35. Geek Bouteek t-shirts
  36. Spitefull T-shirts
  37. Affliction Clothing
  38. Uniquopy t-shirts on Etsy

18 Responses to “38 t-shirt links I got while I was away, what’s your favorite”

  1. harry sun says:

    i like 7, 17, and 21

  2. karl says:

    Thanks Harry, yeah those are pretty cool.

  3. Colin says:

    I like retro campaigns – although I’m young, so I don’t get all of them. But the ones I do I like.

  4. Keri says:

    I really like 15, the monkeyfist stuff and21

  5. Jorge says:

    im from lolacamisetas (not lolcamisetas), and i wanted to thanks you our appearance in this great list.

    I encourage everyone to go through the store and comment what you think. Great tshirts there :)

  6. J. Hazelip says:

    Valve shirts

  7. MonkeeDo says:

    Thanks for the listing.

    Monkee Do sells monkey tshirts with a portion of our proceeds to fight the childhood obesity epidemic.

  8. Alice says:

    2, 5, and 36.

  9. Alice says:

    actually sorry, you said we should put one favorite.
    well, i’ll vote for my own, #36 :)

  10. The Mad Finn says:

    Beautiful Decay FTW!

    DiamondHawk is pretty cool too and I love Lola Camisetas, too bad about the Euro/USD exchange rates :(

  11. henry says:

    that no. 28 is brillant, dirt box what a great name!
    they get my vote for sure.

  12. Scott says:

    This store has some cool designs too:


  13. Ben says:

    i would be nice but you all have bad taste

    maki maki is by far the most talented by far

  14. feinschmecker says:

    i like 17! designs are laid back and subtle. no monkeybusiness!

  15. Nadav says:

    I’ll vote for this Kenny guy and he’s elegant designs @ #17. http://www.contrastshop.com/

  16. Turret says:

    That’s a great list of cool shirts. Found some other cool Portal t-shirts over here,

  17. Dennis Carey says:

    thanks for the post

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