24 Hour Church Of Elvis – Glow In The Dark T-Shirts

chrurch of elvis

Stephanie G. Pierce, who ran Portland’s legendary 24 Hour Church of Elvis from 1985 through 2001, is currently looking at new venues in order to re-open her legendary church of the bizarre and 24 hour coin-operated art gallery.

Help Stephanie open up the 24 Hour Church of Elvis by buying one of their fab t-shirts, come in white with black print, or black with glow in the dark print.

church of elvis t-shirt

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Thanks Laughing Squid

2 Responses to “24 Hour Church Of Elvis – Glow In The Dark T-Shirts”

  1. Zipox says:

    Church…Wawoow..In Australia…

    A Rockband is my bestlove…

  2. james says:

    Hey I know this chick and the place is great it's too bad it got shut down, she deserves another location, we all need more oddity and subversive art in out lives

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