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The Cake is a Liar

Tshirt woot’s “The Cake is a Liar”

A couple of years ago I wrote about some t-shirts related to Valve’s amazing FPP (first person puzzle) game Portal and am now downloading the game for free on my mac. To celebrate this I thought I’d create another portal related post. I have not been able to play Portal 2 as i sold my xbox and have yet to replace it so I won’t be playing that for a while.

I love this story about someone designing a custom portal level to propose to his fiance, very rad.

Here’s the previos post Weighted Companion Cube t-shirts (BTW I still own the hoodie)

It’s not often your called a pioneer

Glad the Alice Waters post was picked up, she does such great work.

Tcritic is a pioneering t-shirt blog which helped kickstart the popularity of these types of blogs. It’s appropriate then that this week Tcritic brings us a post about another pioneer. Alice Waters founded a restaurant called Chez Panisse over 40 years ago. The cool thing is that this restaurant was one of the first ones on the scene of the local food movement. Their focus is on sustainability and they’re releasing a line of t-shirts called the edible schoolyard project to bring attention to the cause.

Published on Hideyourarms, by YouDesignIt

It helps me be less depressed at the state of the blog right now, I feel like the design and ads are really letting it down right now. Hoping to change that soon, and I’m aslo going to be adding a submission page to make it easier for designers to subit their own work, the email thing has never really worked well :)

I’m playing with a new submission tool at the 100PostBlog which is an experiment in collaborative publishing. If you have discovered or created something please feel free to submit ideas.