Monthly archives: March 2011

Playable Guitar T-Shirt That Goes To 11

An epic guitar T-shirt that you can actually play, very cool, great for parties I’m sure.

Say Hello To My Little Ukelele

This is a delicious parody of scarface paying tribute to that little friend, the ukelele. I was given a Ukelele when I was very young as a precursor to learning guitar but it never seemed quite as cool. Now with youtube I have discovered some very cool stuff done on the little uke from some masters.

See my Guitar Gently Weeps by Jake Shimabukuro: – one designer for 30 days

I have always enjoyed the 24 hour T-Shirt deals from sites like and but have always had trouble keeping up, it is quite tough as a blogger to write about something that’s here and gone in a day. Blogs are part of the long tail and are better for finding things that are available for a longer period. I was pleased to come across which provides 10 t-shirts from one designer for 30 days. For the month of March they are featuring designs from Gregg Abbott and they are some really kookie designs and each for $12 which is a great deal.

Here are a few favorites