Monthly archives: November 2010

Full Bleed has 23 final pressings on sale for $8

I’m a huge fan of FullBleed’s designs and own several shirts and jackets from them. They are having a huge sale on some final pressings and for $8 are well worth checking out.

Also DesignByHumans is having a sale where all their shirts are $12.

Enjoy :)

The I In Team

I love typographic tricks so this I in Team T-Shirt certainly tickles me, another great shirt from Threadless :)

Reign of Science from Vicious History

Some very interesting T-shirt’s from Vicious History, not an enormous fan of the name being everywhere but the designs are striking and there there does seem to be a theme throughout.

Big Foot Boombox from Banana Tees

Banana Tees has is a new company with a small collection of designs but they are all good quality well thought out designs. Apart from the Big Foot with the Boombox i really liked the High Five and the Make Ideas Real shirts. Looking forward to new stuff from these guys, go and check them out and let me know what you think.

BTW on a side note I just moved this site to new hosting which led me to start tinkering with the theme and have decided to go back to one of the original Tcritic themes which is more blog like and enables easier browsing of multiple posts. I hope you like it as I had heard various feedback about the last design being hard to navigate. I’m also working on an image voting tool that i can use to help get peoples feedback about designs and companies they like (any ideas are appreciated). Anyway, thanks for reading and please let me know what you think. Cheers, Karl