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Happy Towel Day: now Don’t Panic and Carry a Towel

Happy Towel Day everyone, today is a day to remember and celebrate the great author and humanitarian Douglas Adams (who’s initials by the way are DNA). You can look at all the things you can do on Towel Day here at

Oh, and this is also my Mum’s birthday, happy birthday Mum :)

The T-shirt is by ThinkGeek and is another awesome parody of the Keep Calm and Carry On posters from WWII era England. Although I’m also very keen on the Threadless Now Panic and Freak Out shirt.

Our Top 5 Bike T-Shirts

We live in San Francisco, so you know what that means, right? We bike everywhere! Yes, it is true, in addition to being happy all the time, riding cable cars, and rattling through earthquakes we’re also a bike-centric city. Since we’re also t-shirt aficionados what better way to give a shout-out than Our Top 5 Bike T-shirts (and yes, we’re biased, aren’t we all?). Drum roll, please:

5.) Mission Taco – We live, and work, in the Mission District in San Francisco, which is home to the best Mexican food, coffee, bikes, and hipsters you’ll find anywhere in the city. So we put them all together in one offensive t-shirt (I mean who eats crispy tacos anyway?). Ride on my friend, but ya might want to put down your iPhone…

4.) Go Sign – Come on, you know you do it! Stop signs are for cars, when I see red I think “Go!”

3.) MPG – You might have seen other variations of the “infinity MPG” theme, but what’s great about this one is the cool graphical mashup of the infinity symbol and the bike wheels. Really slick design by the team over at Super7.

2.) Sasquatch Bicycle Tee – I swear I see this guy every day on the way to work. His fixie is like a size XXXXXL frame, and cars don’t even think about hitting him. He spreads the sea of vehicles like Moses in the desert. When he goes to Whiz Burger he orders 20 cheeseburgers, and when he stops for beer he just puts his mouth to the Pabst tap (um, yeah don’t order Pabst at the Uptown). If you’re biking by him he’ll throw you a hi-five, but hold on tight ’cause it comes like a rocket… he’s Sasquatch!

And the greatest, bike, t-shirt, of, all:

1.) Cali Flag – Yup, California is awesome, our flag is awesome, our state debt is awesome, our Gubinator is, mmm no… The only thing we need to be even more awesome is to turn our state animal into a drunk bear on a bike. Kinda fitting, really.

And as always in our wide world of t-shirts there are a million more out there. Post your favorite bike tees below in our comments. We’re always looking for great ones!!

Chris, founder, Headline Shirts

UPDATE: adding some shirts from Scared Panda, a Chicago based t-shirt co who also has some bike related shirts:

Mona Lisa + KISS double feature T-Shirts

The talented Oakland team 5733 put out this awesome Mona Lisa/KISS design on a burnout t-shirt. At $42 it’s not the cheapest but these guys do great quality stuff, it’s well worth exploring their site for really stylish and edgy t-shirts and hoodies for both men and women.

Interestingly I found another Mona Lisa + KISS mashup at Threadless, I wonder how many times this has been done? Anyway, you can be sure that threadless is going to be a little less costly, but you are far more likely to run into someone else wearing the same shirt, but that can be fun :) Also it comes as a pretty rad hoodie.