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Worlds First Augmented Reality T-Shirt

Screen shot 2010-01-28 at 1.47.09 AM

This wonderfully innovative T-Shirt from T-Post includes an interactive game of Rock, Paper, Scissors in what has got to be one of the most fun demonstrations of augmented reality ever.

T-Post itself is worth mentioning as they describe themselves as the first wearable magazine, which I guess is another way of saying it’s a t-shirts subscription service. You pay your subscription fee and get a t-shirt in the mail every 6 weeks. T-Post does have it’s own style and you can look through back issues to get an idea of what kind of stuff they do. Here’s their video explaining the process.

If you’re a T-Shirt company it may be worth setting up a subscription based line of shirts because it really suits the economics of T-Shirt printing, in other words you only print as many t-shirts as you have subscribers, no unsold stock :) Threadless does a line called the 12 club (one T-shirt a month) as does the company Social-T’s, both worth checking out.

Found via Razorfish Amnesia Blog

3 T-Shirts For Haiti


From the T-Shirt Society Hatian Sunrise, costs $15 with $10 of every purchase going to the Red Cross.

Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 2.22.39 PM

At Glennz Tees they are donating $5 of every sale until Monday to the Red Cross.


Help Haiti from Double Take clothing gives you the option of buying the shirt for $15 and donating $5 of the proceeds or buying it for $20 and donating $10 of the proceeds. These guys have already raised $3000 so good for them.