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We Bite – 34 Vampires from the Chop Shop


This is an awesome new shirt from the Chop Shop depicting 34 siluetes of our favorite Vampires from movies and TV. You can pre-order now for $20 and get it on September 1st.

Picture 326

Mind of a Ninja, Body of a Manatee


Love this shirt from the Sheldon comic strip.

Introducing Shirt.Woot Classic Reprints


Sore Thumbs by designer MJ is one of the first t-shirts to get reprinted on shirt.woot classics to give newcomers to the site a chance to pick up some of the previously sold out designs. Each design will be posted for a full week and priced at $20 so got and check them out.

MJ also turned me on to, a site that aggregates all your favorite 24 hour t-shirt sites on one page, a real time saver.

Two Girls, One Up – Awesome T-Shirt from Ninjabot


OMG, I love this Two Girls, One Up T-shirt, again, similar to the Goatse T-shirt you will either get this or not :)

Here’s a reaction shot of someone watching the infamous Two Girls, One Cup:

I love this Grandma’s reaction to it:

Back To School Sale From HeadlineShirts

Backtoschool Featured

San Francisco based Headlineshirts is having a back to school sale and all shirts are $8 or $18. I have several of these shirts and they are super soft, printed with water based inks so they are like part of the fabric.

This shirt is not kidding, prison really is a US institution with about 1% of the population currently behind bars, yep, 1 in 100 Americans are behind bars. I guess the we can be proud that we are beating China on this metric. All yours for $8 :)

space monkey
Space monkeys smoking cigarettes, ’nuff said. $18

political mind
The political mind T-shirt demonstrates that most wonks have a large portion of their brain dedicated to bullshit, on sale for $8.

Rock Make Art & Music Festival, Mission District, San Francisco Aug 23rd


The Rock Make Festival Sounds awesome and it’s right in my neighborhood, with 70 vendors there are sure to be some awesome T-shirts. I know friends of Tcritic like Artefacture, Fiftyseven-Thirtythree, The Girl and Rhino, San Franpsycho.

If you’re a T-shirt vendor you can sign up here.

The Bay Bridged is proud to co-present the second annual Rock Make Street Festival, returning to San Francisco’s Mission District for a free all day local music and crafts street fair on Sunday, August 23rd. Last summer, thousands of San Franciscans sampled some of the best Bay Area arts, crafts and music at the first Rock Make event. This year, Rock Make returns to once again celebrate the Bay Area arts community’s innovative blend of DIY spirit and artistic creativity, with a festival that retains all of the best qualities of last year’s event while going even bigger and better.

Like last year, the street festival will be held on Treat Avenue between 17th St and 18th St and will feature performances by over a dozen great Bay Area bands on two stages. Alongside the music, local independent handicrafts, visual arts, and fashion vendors will be selling their wares, allowing patrons the opportunity to see a rare meeting of the flourishing local crafts and music communities.

Be sure to also check out our Rock Make Pre-Party on Saturday, August 22nd at the Rite Spot Cafe, featuring performances by Dame Satan, Tiny Television and Marcus Stoesz (of Paper Airplanes). The FREE show starts at 8pm.

For more information about the festival, head on over to We are currently accepting applications for vendors and actively seeking sponsorships. For either, please contact info[at] We’ll also be streaming the show live over on Stay tuned for more details on that.

Unicorns Rock T-Shirts


Unicorns Rock and so do these t-shirts making unicorns safe for all of us that think we’re too cool for unicorn related apparel (and wolf, dolphin, manatee type designs). They have about a dozen different designs including zombie unicorns, Jedi unicorns, and punks.

BTW get 10% off your order with the coupon code “tcritic”


Passed out

You Had Me At Helvetica T-Shirt from

Currently Typefaced only shirt but a clever one non the less. I’m always a sucker for Helvetica T-Shirts, if you have not seen the Helvetica movie check it out :)

Fix Healthcare or Die… Seriously – T-Shirt from Print Liberation

Yeah, it’s really simple America, you can’t keep running a healthcare system based on growth capitalism, you can’t continue to allow corporations to profit from peoples suffering, you can’t keep letting insurance companies fuck people over to keep the balance sheet looking good. Almost everyone who’s actually driving the agenda wants to keep people sick for longer to make more money, don’t stand for it, don’t be hoodwinked by profiteers using fear tactics to keep you trapped and under control. I’ve had 22 years experience with the British NHS system and 19 years experience with the American system and i’ve got to say, you don’t know how bad the US system is, and how much control it keeps in the hands of corporations. IMHO the US system is more like Long Term Sick Care, there is nothing healthy about it, no incentive to educate, no incentive to prevent disease, just keep sick people living longer.

Oh and BTW if you really want to rebel against the current powers that be, eat organic local food, don’t eat any of the processed frankenfood, avoid soda and fast food at all costs, exercise, meditate, and laugh. Remember moderation in all things, especially moderation :)