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Benders T-Shirt – Great Bar In The Mission

This is not so much a post about the T-Shirt as much as a post about a local neighborhood Mission bar called Benders. They have a bike rack inside, some of the best burgers in San Francisco, an outdoor smoking area, and some brilliant beers on tap, including the awesome IPA Pliny The Elder. Also on monday nights they have a sushi happy our provided by Ichi Sushi. They’re located at 19th and South Van Ness in the Mission, if you’re in the area do check them out.

Via MissionMission

Reading – This Shit Is Crazy by Kate Beaton

I do love this shirt from history artist Kate Beaton (i’ve no idea what history artist means but she’s got a comic called Hark A Vagrant). You can buy the shirt at Topatoco for $18.

Rabbit Shadow Puppets T-Shirt

Who doesn’t have fond memories of shadow puppets growing up? These shadow puppet t-shirts work for me they work on a couple of different levels, apart from the fun childhood game, they also remind me of Plato’s Allegory of the cave. That is as humans life is like living in a cave and all we interpret in life is like projection onto a veil at the entrance to that cave. Do you want to step out of the cave :)

On a T-Shirt related note these are printed through a service called RedBubble which appears to be like cross between cafe press and DeviantArt :) It looks like a vibrant community with lots of comments on the designs etc. I’d be really interested if anyone has had experience with their quality etc. as I don’t have any shirts from them. I’m assuming they’re printed using DTG.

The designs are from Ruby Red Designs and you can check out the rest of their stuff here.

Profesional Dreamer from Holiday Matinee

I really like the concept behind this T-Shirt from Holiday Matinee. The movie camera in many ways represents one of the key tools of Professional Dreamers and as an avid consumer of movies I appreciate the ideal.

Another nice feature:

Holiday Matinee donates 100% of artist series proceeds to Plant-It 2020, who will plant, maintain and protect 20 trees for every item purchased.

Goatse Donut’s T-Shirt from Pants Not Found

Bear claws + Donut = Goatse

I wonder how long it will take until a cease and desist comes from the Dunkin’ people :)

If you don’t know what this t-shirt is about I recommend NOT researching it :)

PETA2 Collaboration T-Shirt from Glamour Kills

A new T-Shirt from Glamour Kills raising awareness for Peta2 and opposing animal testing.

“Peta2 came to us after we won a Libby Award for “Most Animal Friendly Clothing Company”. The theme was “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” so we took that idea and ran with it! We love what the people at Peta2 do and are extremely glad they asked to work with us on this design”.

Peta2 is a youth oriented action group that raises awareness about many issues related to animal cruelty. Check out their site and check them out on Twitter@peta2

Halo T-Bag T-Shirt from Nerdy Shirts

Just heard about this hysterical T-Shirt from Nerdy Shirts demonstrating the age old video game humiliation technique of T-Bagging. I actually just had to get a new Xbox after a second Red Ring Of Death failure so I can fire up Halo and get T-Bagging.