Monthly archives: June 2009

T-Shirts for baby Twins

What a great concept, t-shirts for twins, another example of the power of niche marketing on the internet :) The shirts come in sizes from newborn to todler and are $36 for the pair, amazing gift if you know anyone with twins.

Some San Francisco T-Shirts from Headline Shirts

This is genius, San Francisco really is cloud city :)

Nuff said if you know about biking in this town, luckily I ride a pretty fugly bike so no one really wants to steal it :)

Ahh, the joys of the 22 bus

Stove Monkeys – T-Shirts for the Chef in You

I think these chef themed T-Shirts from Stove Monkeys are a great example of niche t-shirt marketing that, given the right designs, could be very successful using the web. I love the Save the Foie T-shirt and I’m sure Anthony Bordain would approve :)

Philosoraptor Now Has Video

I wrote about the Philosoraptor a little while ago and a friend of mine just sent me this video. It appears that philosoraptor is now a meme :) I’m kind of bummed I can’t get the shirt as they seem to be constantly out of stock :(

Infinite Love by Blend Apparel

Blend Apparel has a wonderful collection of T-Shirts with an incredible collection of positive messages while avoiding being too saccharine. In addition to the positive messages the shirts are made of eco friendly fabrics and even the server is run on wind derived power and the printers run on elastic bands… no i’m kidding about that one. Anyway, check them out, I met the owner at his birthday party at Cafe Gratitude and I can tell you he was a genuinely nice guy, and even though I’d only just met him he invited me out to celebrate with him and his friends and they were all wonderfully warm and welcoming.

They are based in Berkley and here’s what they say about themselves:

Blend Apparel is a culture of connective communication. Our colorful, quirky, and self-aware t-shirts invite internal and external conversation. They are wearable question marks openly aimed at the hows and whys the world works. Our shirts encourage people to smile wider, look closer, and think broader….

We are committed to inspiring. To helping awaken. To showing up as beacons, messengers, and transformationaries. To always choosing the highest path. To listening from within, and to holding love higher than any circumstance. We are completely. Undoubtedly. and absurdly committed to “wear we live.”

Burp Contest at Print Liberation Store, Philly PA

Yep, these crazy guys at Print Liberation are having a burp contest, if you’re in the area stop by :)

Department Of Works T-Shirt Company


The Department of Works just started following me on Twitter so I checked out their stuff and was glad I did. They have a lot of fun concepts, well executed that I would be happy to wear anytime.

Made in the Arcade

Toxic Suits

Lycanthrope Beer T-Shirt from MiniCassette

I love this T-Shirt from Minicassette T-Shirts, a lycanthrope, as all you underworld fans will know is of course is a werewolf. I really like the way this is designed to look like a beer label, particularly reminiscent of the Löwenbräu brand. A great shirt for all you werewolves that want to fly the flag when you’re out and about :)

GM – Government Motors T-Shirt

Love this T-Shirt from Dispair Inc. “in Soviet Amerika car drives you… bankrupt

Social Media T-Shirt – Unlocking All Behavioral Disorders

Wow, just wow, I love it :) Social Media T-Shirt – Unlocking The Awesome Potential of Behavioral Disorders

Beatnik Aesthetics: Roar T-Shirt or Roar On A Shirt :)

Love the simple but gloriously overdone words on a shirt concept here from Beatnik Aesthetic . Both the Roar T-Shirt and the Love T-Shirt are worthy wardrobe options. It’s always good to have opposing concepts in your T-shirt collection, love one day, Roar the next :)

Rahzo Creative Community Supporting Non Profits

Rahzo is a creative community that really seems to be blossoming, it’s goal is to support non-profits and creative individuals, in their words:

Rahzo™ is an online creative community for individuals to share and purchase creative works for the purpose of inspiring others, benefiting nonprofits, and promoting positive growth and collaboration.

We partner with nonprofit organizations who receive fully disclosed financial donations from every garment purchased from Rahzo

Say Cheese Designed by batturandu from: Burma

Seed Designed by danielarruda from: Brazil

One of the fantastic things they do on the site is give the purchaser the option to direct their donation to a particular cause, this is a feature I would like to see on more ecommerce platforms.

Their are lots of calls for submissions on the site and they do offer cash prizes for designs that are selected. My one quibble on the site is there is very little disclosure or transparency for the people who are submit designs, I couldn’t find anywhere on the site what you may win or any details like that. If these guys could use a threadless like voting model combined with their desire to help non-profits I think they would have a killer combination.