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Dead Vogue and Unicorn from 410 BC

410BC released a new line a little while ago and they always have fun stuff. I love the Dead Vogue t-shirt, kind of speaks to the slow death of conspicuous consumption as a way to make meaning in our lives. I don’t think this collapse of the world economy is going to support the sort of unsustainable growth that we have been used to for the last 50 years, heavy I know, but I’m hopeful for the future. I also like this Unicorn shirt, somehow seems to juxtapose nicely with the previous concept and also fills a role for that cheesy animal shirt that is oh so ironic these days, yes I’m looking at you Flight of the Conchords.

Anger – In T-Shirt Form from Mule Design

Buy the shirt here, $20

Mule Design is another Design Agency that has turned it’s talents to T-Shirt design and has come up with the excellent Anger T-shirt demonstrating how it really is the Swiss Army Knife of emotions. Mike, the mad genius behind Mule Design posted the design to Flickr which got posted to Laughingsquid and then BoingBoing and has descended into a hysterical thread on Flickr containing a healthy dose of inside jokes and image macros that Laughingsquid also highlighted in a another post. You can also follow Mike on twitter @Mike_FTW.

HAHA press – Nice St Patricks Day T-Shirt designs

I’m not sure if I’ve seen these guys before, but i’m super impressed with their site and how they differentiate their T-Shirts from a lot of other companies. HAHA only creates 200 of each design they create which is nice, it means you get a more unique shirt and they don’t saturate the market. Their designs are really well executed and would look good dressed up or down.

I love this typographic treatment of the classic ‘kiss me i’m Irish’ T-shirt:

Will Wheaton to Design Thursday’s T-Shirt Woot!

Finding some interesting news on twitter

Ever Bought A T-Shirt Designed By Somebody On Star Trek? You Wil.
Speaking of Shirt.Woot, noted actor, author, gambler, blogger, and
android Wil Wheaton adds ”t-shirt designer” to his CV this Thursday,
and it’s all going down at Shirt.Woot. This is like a true-cross thing
for hardcore geeks (like us), except that Wil himself will never have
laid eyes on your actual shirt, much less hands. But still. As for the
design, we don’t want to give too much away, so we’ll just thank Wil
for rolling the DICE with us to release this to-DIE-for tee.

From the Woot newsletter.

You can follow Wil on Twitter here and of course your myself on twitter here hint: it’s a good way to share t-shirt designs with me, email is increasingly out of control :)

via Mad Fin

Great New T-Shirts from Fullbleed

(click on the image for higher rez version)

Fullbleed consistently produces such imaginative and well executed designs, they are certainly in my list of favorite T-Shirt companies. If you like Fullbleed you will probably also like the style from the British design company Airside.

Bac’n T-Shirts

A new site dedicated to Bacon and all that may imply :) Get your Bac’n T-Shirts here.

See also Portions of the Swine T-Shirt

On Sale from Teefury $5 T-Shirts

Teefury has a $5 t-shirt sale going on for the next 8 hours only!

Not Today Fatty

(click on the t-shirt for the ruder version)

This was sent to me by my very good friend Amanda, author of the wonderfully cynical Amanda is Annoyed, and who surfs the web professionally. It’s from a site called Not Today Fatty and no, it’s not really an elmo t-shirt it’s really a penis, click on the image if your imagination fails you. BTW I do actually want to find this T-Shirt to purchase as I think it would be a great halloween costume. Maybe you could team up with someone wearing this one:

Drink Until You Want Me T-Shirt

LOL, this is such a genius photo, she is going to need quite a few more pitchers I think :)

Thanks to my Mad Fin friend

Bears, Beats, and Battlestar from DoubleTake Clothing – 20% off Coupon

When I first saw this shirt I thought it was reffering to Colbert (bears, number 1 threat in America), Beets (The US version of the Office ref Dwight Schrute, one of the best translated characters BTW), and Battlestar (reffering to BSG, but you already knew that). 3 of my favorite shows ever. I think there may be another story behind it but I don’t care, that works for me :) Oh, and they sent me a really nice email and gave a coupon code as well “tcritic20″ for 20% off your entire order.

Thanks guys!

Christian Bale and I Are Done Professionally T-Shirt

This blew up yesterday on the internet and of course a T-Shirt was bound to happen. I found this via some friends on Twitter, I just asked the question I wonder who’s going to do this shirt first and Typemicah immediatly responded :)

Here’s the recording of him:

and here’s the dance remix :)